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Tamara's Flooby Web Log

Saturday, December 12, 2015


When you're directionally challenged you should never try and find the exit in a strange school that leads to the parking lot where your car is. You should instead walk out the front door where you entered and go all the way around the school back to the parking lot. Especially don't do this on a Saturday when the only people at the school are participants of the seminar you just attended.

If you choose the first one to avoid the walk in the drenching rain you may just go out the wrong door, get locked out of the school and become trapped outside. Due to school safety issues, a school that was designed with many exits leading outside is enclosed by a six foot tall fence. Since it's Saturday all of the gates that might be open are padlocked.

You just might have to climb said six foot tall fence...twice. The first time you might spot a corner and think that it's leading you to freedom only to discover you just jumped into another enclosed section of the school grounds. This will lead you to climb the six fucking foot tall fence again to finally get out at the front of the school. Right next to the door where you entered. The door you should have exited instead of trying to avoid the rain.

I'm home now, very tired and a bit sore. I punctured a hole in my hand while climbing the fence (not sure which time it was) and my butt is a little bruised because I fell getting down from the first fence climb. Luckily the ground was soft...and wet...and muddy.

posted by Tamara - 5:54 PM -- Link to this entry
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