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Tamara's Flooby Web Log

Sunday, July 12, 2009

So Close

Well the house is this close to being ready for pictures. I'm putting off tackling my desk area until tomorrow. E will probably do the same.

We picked Mike up from the airport yesterday. The kids are with my mom in Oklahoma this week. Mom already did the grandma thing and spent money on Cal. He informed me this morning he now has 28 Bakugan (she didn't buy him that many...just six...the rest went with him for vacation). She will, of course, make sure everything is even and bug Duncan about picking something out. I think he'd be just as happy to be dropped off at his friend's house every day to play video games.

Max also came home yesterday from his time at the Bone-a-Fide Dog Ranch. He had a great time but damn was he filthy. He's a brown dog so he didn't really look dirty but when I touched him my hand came away dusty. It took two rounds of washing to get him clean. I believe next time we drop him off for a stay there he'll let us leave without a whine.

Today has been relaxed and lazy for me. I cleaned a bathroom and have one more to get done before the day is through. I'm probably going to be annoying to live with for the next several weeks as I obsess over everything I just cleaned. I made a deal with E that she'll do the sweeping of the floors every day and I'll do the vacuuming. Give me vacuuming over sweeping any day. Plus I get to use the keen new Oreck vacuum cleaner. Yes, I'm a sad, sad case.

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