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Tamara's Flooby Web Log

Friday, May 09, 2008


I survived Special Olympics although I didn't get my no mud wish. Wednesday the kids ran their relay race in the drizzling rain. We counted ourselves lucky, however, because Wednesday afternoon Oklahoma City was hit by some severe weather. Mom even took the kids into the hall closet. Poor Cal was so scared he was shaking.

Thursday's weather was rain free but we had the lovely after-effects of rain...mud. I was prepared with plastic bags for our slog through Olympic Village. My kid took his shoes off to go through the inflatable obstacle course and I didn't let him put them back on until we had exited Swamp Olympic Village. His feet were filthy but socks and shoes were relatively dry.

We managed to make it through all two hours of our Y swim party. No lightning or pool accidents drove us out and the kids were ready for sleep when we returned to the dorms. I love a swimming night that goes well...no showers!

Today we packed everything back up, hung out at a lovely pond on the OSU campus and ate lunch at Hideaway Pizza. I had a much better time this year since last year by the time we hit Hideaway I was well on my way to being sick. The only thing I remember about that lunch was sitting in misery wishing it were over and we were on our bumpy bus ride home. Today though I had a good time with the kids and even read some comics on the trip home.

Now I'm back and pooped. So pooped that I'm amazed I wrote all of the above. If some of it doesn't make that much sense, you'll understand why.

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