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Tamara's Flooby Web Log

Thursday, November 29, 2007

My Somewhat Unbreakable Son

Well, we had a little excitement the past couple of days at the Hodge Lodge. Yesterday Cal called me around 2:30 from school saying he had hurt his arm and he wanted me to pick him up. He wasn't crying, he sounded quite calm but I went anyway. He seemed fine when I got there but he wasn't able to use his left arm. He couldn't bend it at the elbow and his wrist was very sore.

We got home and he appeared to be in more pain. I ended up giving him some Tylenol and wrapping his arm in an ace bandage. He kept very still on the couch and watched cartoons. We had some problems when he tried to play Soul Calibur 2 with me because he couldn't bend his arm. He ate a good dinner and we watched the new Futurama movie. He still complained if he moved his arm and seemed to be in real pain. He did sleep the night through, for which I was thankful.

The next morning, however, he was in more pain and his hand was swollen. Since the arm hadn't improved I called his doctor and we got right in. Thank goodness too because it turned out that the bones in his elbow had slipped out of the tendon. This was why he couldn't bend his elbow or even rotate his arm. The doctor caused Cal more pain and popped it back in place but thought we should get the wrist x-rayed to make sure there wasn't a stress fracture.

By the time we left the doctor's office his arm was already improving. He was bending it and using his left hand once again. He had no trouble at Mercy for the x-ray and, as luck would have it, ended up with a slightly sprained but not broken wrist.

At least if this arm yanking happens again I now know how to pop things back into place. I'll count myself lucky if this is the only x-ray he ever has to get but I'm betting luck won't be with me. If any of my children are destined to break a bone, it's Cal.

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