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Tamara's Flooby Web Log

Thursday, September 06, 2007

Bad Me (Again)

Yeah, I've been sucky about updating. I could use the excuse that my new version of ComicBase arrived a few weeks ago and I've been spending my computer time entering comics. I'm so close to being finished. Then will come the space-consuming task of refiling the new stuff in with the old. But after that...my comics will be organized! Yippee!

Mike is still job hunting. He's got a few prospects and three recruiters searching for him. He's just now starting to see nibbles which makes sense since everyone was telling him 'don't expect movement until after Labor Day.' I know he's feeling better about things now.

I've had him doing stuff around the house to keep busy but he putzed out on me and the windows. I told him all of our old windows needed recaulking (reglazing is the correct term). He did three and told me the others looked okay. Well...I was opening and closing windows again since our temps have cooled a bit and lo and behold I was right. From the inside you can see that they all do indeed need to be redone. I pointed that fact out to him and he told me they didn't look as bad from the outside. So I'll get my windows done now. Sheesh.

Cal is enjoying Kindergarten. Duncan is adjusting to Middle School and yes, it wasn't as scary as the fifth grade teachers made it out to be. What is up with that? I know my sixth grade teachers did the same thing to us. Are they trying to make it better because when the kids actually get there they'll be relieved. All it makes the kids do is distrust adults more. At that age, believe me, they don't need help distrusting adults.

Since Mike hasn't been doing windows I got him to rebuild my computer. It's been afflicted by the annoying tendency to shut off suddenly for several months now. This weekend it shut off three times in one day. That meant to me it was time to wipe it clean and reinstall everything. Luckily I've been paranoid and have been keeping important files backed up to the external hard drive. I predict it'll be loaded with everything I use by the end of the weekend.

Ok. I've assuaged my guilt and updated the ol' blog. Now I'm off to pull the final two comic book boxes out of my bedroom closet. After those I've only got four more to go. Hooray!

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