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Tamara's Flooby Web Log

Sunday, July 22, 2007

Integris Health...Corporate America Business As Usual

Well, Mike is off at the SWUUSI Youth Camp for the next week. He'll return Friday afternoon ready for air conditioning I'm sure. Then we all get to turn right around and head to Sulphur for a week of playing at the lake and generally being slugs.

All would be well with my mood if Mike hadn't come home from work Friday with a release form from work. In that they want to release him from his job. Why you ask? The short of it is when the last re-org at Integris occurred in December he was put under a new manager. A manager that doesn't seem to like the way Mike does his job. Considering he's been through umpteen re-orgs in his eleven years there I guess it was only a matter of time before he hit one that would be a bad fit. Unfortunately this time he wasn't able to get away from a bad fit.

Monday he's supposed to talk with the person who's the head of all of Integris IT. He spoke with her briefly on Friday and she told him to call her Monday afternoon because she has an "open door" policy for employees. I'm sure putting him off was so she could talk to his boss and his boss's boss to see what was what. Then she'll sound all sympathetic to Mike and tell him to sign the severance package. Management backs management in every instance after all.

The package isn't bad. He'll have insurance coverage and be paid until November. Hopefully in that time he can find another job that will use his skills. I'm pessimistic right now because that's what I do. I have to wallow and brood for a bit and then come out of it.

The sheer shittiness of it all just pisses me off though. Mike's been a valuable employee for Integris IT for 11 years. He's worked with many people who thought he was a good, stand up guy and a smart worker. Hell...he got a call on Friday from a director who told Mike he was shocked and asked if he could do anything for him. But his manager and his director don't seem to think he's a good fit so he's out on his ass. So long, thanks for the time you worked here but get the hell out. That's corporate America for you. And now thanks to Bush they don't have to give a single reason. Just get you to sign a waiver so you don't sue them and you're out on your ass.

I guess Mike should count himself lucky for lasting this long. And that he's only encountered this situation in one other job. He was writing for a journal in Las Cruces covering the pharmaceutical industry. He wrote the articles well, learned the way they did their paste up, in essence did the work. But the two owners didn't like the *way* he did the work. They didn't like his process before writing an article. In short, he got on their nerves because he didn't do it the way they would. He moved on from them and found work with a civil engineer who loved him. Sometimes personalities just don't mesh, I get that.

But in two years when there's another re-org (because there's always another re-org) and Mike's manager is gone (and he will be because that's the way it works at Integris), Integris will be minus a good worker and I'm not talking about his manager. In this world it's rare to find employees who are there to do what's best for the job and the company rather than for himself. Mike is that kind of worker. It's too bad his manager is too much of a dick to realize that.

Okay. Enough bitching. Mike is keeping his mind off this crappy situation while he's at SWUUSI and that's a good thing. The week we go to Sulphur I'll have to be in a better frame of mind so I'm not a downer the whole vacation. Maybe I can get it out of my system this week. Wish me luck.

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