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Tamara's Flooby Web Log

Sunday, May 20, 2007

T-Ball Troubles

So Cal started t-ball this Spring. It's his first time to play and I have high hopes that he'll like the sport because I really like watching baseball/softball and Duncan is well past ever picking it up. Unfortunately I didn't go with my gut instinct and have him play YMCA t-ball. I put him on a team with a friend of his because said friend played Y soccer with us. They also have a bit of a drive to get to the Y soccer so I felt like we should reciprocate and play on their turf.

Unfortunately for Cal the coach isn't very good. He's a nice enough guy but he just doesn't get how to coach little kids. Introducing kids to a sport should be about teaching the skills and making it fun. Cal's coach makes each practice an ordeal in boredom. His idea of a good practice is to have everyone hit the ball and throw it to first...for an hour. Needless to say Cal isn't having fun.

I've coached girls softball before and I know how hard it is, which is why I don't want to start griping at him. The bad thing is Cal has been playing t-ball for a few months now and I've just been to two practices and one game. I was trapped at home making phone calls for money during the first of his season. So now I'm being awakened to the fact that his t-ball experience is sucking big time and it's driving me crazy.

Last night I spent a little time on the internet and found a few fun games that t-ball coaches use to teach basic skills of the game. My dilemma now is how to approach the coach about using these without blurting out that I think he's doing a crap job. I know me. I can be very patient up to a point and then I get exasperated and say what's really on my mind, usually in a not very diplomatic way. Let me say that I'm willing to get my butt out there and help. I won't just pass off the ideas and say Have at it! Any suggestions for how I can get through this season? I'm very afraid Cal is going to come away with a loathing for t-ball after this season and I'm one of those wacky parents who hates to let their kids quit a team when they've made a commitment.

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