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Tamara's Flooby Web Log

Monday, May 07, 2007

Home Once Again

I arrived in OKC last night a little after 12:30 am. Ended up waiting through the entire luggage cycle only to find out my second suitcase wasn't on the baggage carousel. I went to United's baggage claim, turned in my ticket and was told it had been left in Denver. Not surprising really since we had three gate changes at the Denver airport. Mine wasn't the only luggage left behind and it's supposed to be delivered to my house today so no biggie other than the time waiting.

Because of the luggage snafu I didn't get home until 1:30. Everyone was asleep and the house was a sauna. At least it felt that way to me after two weeks in dry (yes, even with all the rain) and cool Seattle. I opened up more windows, uncovered Cal (Pooh comforter, cotton blanket *and* sheet--can we say pool of sweat?), and finished loading the dishwasher because the sink didn't smell good at all. Not sure how they could go all night without noticing that.

Finally crawled into bed a little after 2 only to have difficulty falling asleep. Mike has been having snoring issues lately and he's been diligently wearing the breathe right strips I bought for him. Didn't help last night because he started in with this truly inspiring series of snores. They were intermittent but loud enough that I had to move to the couch. I would have swapped Cal with my spot in the bed but I didn't relish the idea of sleeping in damp sheets.

I ended up moving to the couch instead and tossed and turned until the big thunderstorm hit. Nothing like a huge clap of thunder to shock you out of a fitful sleep. Once Mike got up to get ready for work I went back to my bed and slept for about an hour. Then Cal crawled into bed with me and gave me a big hug. If I'm going to have to be woken up that's a good way to do it. He also gave me the welcome home card he made the night before (see below). Very keen.

Cal, of course, wasn't prepared to go back to sleep. I turned on Spongebob and tried to doze next to him. Didn't really make for good rest as you might imagine. We dragged our butts out of bed around 8 and I got us breakfast. Then as I was talking to E and laying on the couch around 9 I dozed off in the middle of the phone call. Snoring was a dead giveaway. I slept until almost 11 and felt much better. But I know I'll be going to bed early tonight.

Welcome Home

The front of the Welcome Home card. Cal had Mike draw the heart on it but the scan didn't pick it up very well. The inside of the card says "I [heart] Mom".

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