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Tamara's Flooby Web Log

Friday, November 24, 2006

Turkey Day Aftermath

We had an uneventful Thanksgiving. My dad didn't make a big ass of himself (like he usually does) at the meal. He did insist on prepping and overseeing the cooking of the turkey. This probably wouldn't have been such a bad thing but it stressed my mom out because, of course, my dad doesn't do this with any tact or grace.

He also didn't cook the turkey long enough. It was a little bloody inside. We were able to finish it off while the dressing cooked. The less said about his decision to put a cinnamon stick in the cavity of the turkey (along with a bunch of fruit and onion) the better. I didn't grow up in a time when cinnamon was a standard spice for meat. Hence, I 'm not too fond of that taste sensation. Next Thanskgiving...less cinnamon in my turkey would be a good thing.

After dinner we sat around a bit and chatted. Everyone browsed the Black Friday ads. Mom was pooped. We ended up leaving by around 4ish so Mike and Duncan could get their gear gathered up and camp out in front of Best Buy. Yes, they're nuts. Mike's done this Black Friday camp out for the past few years and seems to enjoy it. Likewise Duncan enjoys the adventure of staying up all night in the cold with his dad.

They got home around 7 am but I was asleep and didn't get to see what loot they got. Now Mike is sleeping in Cal's bed, Duncan's on the couch and Cal is in bed with me. I figure we'll get ready and head to mom's soon and let the other two sleep. They need it.

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