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Tamara's Flooby Web Log

Friday, September 08, 2006

No Excuses

Just laziness, pure and simple. Cal started Pre-K at Coronado this year. He's doing well so far although I've had many more reports of injuries than I ever got for Duncan. Duncan is in fifth grade this year, his last at Coronado. He got the new teacher in fifth grade and is having a little trouble getting used to her 'no talking during work time' rule. He's used to teachers who allow a little chatter. It's been tough for my chatty son.

I've been a little more pessismistic about the school this year. Last year Duncan had some trouble from a few students when they found out he wasn't a Christian. Why is that a big deal? Coronado has Muslim students, Jewish students, Hindi students and I bet a few Buddhist students. Beats me, but we do live in Oklahoma and most people here self-identify as Christian. Kids love to pounce on differences as well. Duncan handled things well and eventually the main perpetrator realized she couldn't needle him and shut up. It helps that my child is more intelligent than she is and heeds his mother's advice on comebacks.

Then...just before school started Tracey admitted to me that Duncan had been singled out by his first grade teacher for 'not receiving a proper upbringing in the teachings of Jesus' or something like that. Teachers aren't supposed to discuss their students but this one did and the PE teacher at the time took it upon herself to confront the then school counselor (whose child I was watching during the day) about if she knew we weren't Christian and shouldn't she worry about her child being in my care. Well...that pissed me off. Big time. Unfortunately it happened years ago and I only now found out about it. Tracey didn't want me doing anything rash. I understood that but I do wish she had told me. I would have liked the opportunity to confront both teachers.

I'm so sick of living around well-meaning Christians who think it's okay to be judgmental. Truthfully I'd put my morals and ethics up against most Christians any day. Just because I don't call myself a Christian doesn't mean I'm a bad person. Why do people think you need the guidance of religion to know right from wrong?

Anyway, I'm wary now. Duncan's first grade teacher is still at Coronado. Cal won't be having her as his teacher. Her loss for the test scores in her class. I don't want to become Madeline Murray O'Hair and track down every instance of religion being brought up in our classrooms. But I do intend to be better about confronting teachers who decide it's okay to proselytize to the children in their care. It's sad that I have to worry about that now but I see it as a reaction by Christian fundamentalists to the idea that their beliefs are under attack. Quite the contrary, their beliefs are shoved down my throat every day (thank you, GW Bush) and it's interesting to note that I can't recall a time in all of my schooling that I had to deal with any situation where a teacher talked about their personal faith in class.

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