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Tamara's Flooby Web Log

Tuesday, August 29, 2006

Electrifying Update

I blogged on the 21st about our trials and tribulations with the after affects of a recent thunderstorm. Mike finally got our phones working again. It was a problem on our end and not the phone company. At some point he's going to run new phone line into the added on room but not until our temperatures go down a bit. It's damn hot in that attic in August.

I thought everything was fine. I thought I'd just have to deal with the dead vcr/dvd burner and once that was done this lightning incident would be past us. I was wrong.

Yesterday afternoon I was on my computer, doing the Uber Etc. update and my new battery backup kept clicking like the power was fluctuating. It got worse. The power was indeed fluctuating. Bad enough that by the early evening we shut all of the computers down. Lights were flickering, my refrigerator wasn't sounding too good...the whole nine yards. Wacky poltergeist stuff was going on here.

Mike went outside and looked at the transformer to see if perhaps something was inhibiting it (like a dead squirrel) but things looked okay. He ran into our next-door-neighbor outside and she was having the same problem and had already called OG&E. Mike called as well and later that evening a friendly repair guy showed up at the house. He turned off the power for about twenty minutes and said he'd reconnected a loose something or other. But he said if the problem persisted the transformer might need to be replaced. Mike and Fanette had both informed him of our fun with lightning and what happened to the power.

Everything seemed to be working fine when we went to bed. And then around 6 am we were awoken to the night light in the hallway going off like a strobe light. Yep, the power surges were back. Fortunately our air conditioner had been off since the night before and the only things affected were ceiling fans and night lights. We turned those off (thankfully it was nice and cool) and when Mike got up about thirty minutes later he once again called OG&E.

All morning the power flickered whenever I'd turn on a light. Cal watched a little television but I had him turn it off after awhile. Another OG&E repair guy showed up just as we were leaving for Cal's six month dental check up and eventually came to the conclusion that the transformer would need to be replaced and a crew would be over that afternoon. Thank goodness.

I waited all day. Didn't run my washer. Didn't turn on the tv or stereo. Kept the lights off. I held my breath every time my refrigerator cut out and back on. I left to get the kids from school around 3 with still no sign of the repair crew. Made it home after 3:30 and lo and behold there were four big trucks and one pick up truck. Our transformer was being replaced. They were done by four and so far there haven't been any power surges.

I'm tired of electricity but keenly aware of how much I need it.

posted by Tamara - 5:11 PM -- Link to this entry
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