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Tamara's Flooby Web Log

Wednesday, June 07, 2006


I had a heckuva time last night with Cal who decided puking every couple of hours would be fun. Well, he didn't actually think it was fun but his stomach just wouldn't stop giving me the opportunity to wash more bedding. Then, after really crappy sleep, I worked in the morning heat to clean out our pool.

It's one of those cheap ones with an inflatable ring around the edge. As you fill it with water it raises the sides of the pool. They really are great because you don't need much beyond a relatively flat surface to get them up and running. Unfortunately ours wasn't cleaned out properly at the end of last Summer and wasn't looking too good when Mike set it up last night. His plan was for us to scoop the debris out with the skimmers and then shock the heck out of the water. I didn't like this plan. I like my beginning of Summer pool water to be clear. So this morning I sweated in my boxers and sleep shirt (shower after sweating of course) and got that pool clean. This year it won't be put away dirty.

Okay. I'm proud of myself. Despite being very tired and nursing a headache that's pounding behind my right eye, I managed to sound perky. Wow. Me. Perky. Will wonders never cease?

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