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Tamara's Flooby Web Log

Tuesday, June 27, 2006

My Son the Dentist’s Dream

A few years back in this blog I talked about Cal falling against a park bench and chipping his tooth. He ended up having a partial crown put on the tooth because the chip was bad enough he had actually chipped away enamel. Well, his teeth have continued to grow these past two years and, surprise, his partial crown hasn't. It's looked like it was about to go for quite some time and yesterday it did. We were driving back from White Water and Cal handed me a piece of his tooth. Lovely.

I called the dentist today and he's going in for a replacement. The tooth is too young to pull--need it there for the permanent tooth to develop. Unfortunately the office assistant told me our insurance wouldn't pay for another crown. I can understand that in an adult but in a kid who's teeth are growing, I can't. I guess the only thing we can do is pay it and then attempt an appeal with our insurance. Probably just pissing in the wind on that one.

My only consolation is Cal has gotten much more comfortable with the dentist since we had that partial crown put on. They should be able to use a little nitrous and deaden his mouth and be good to go. He actually wanted to get dressed this morning and go to the dentist. I'm thinking he doesn't like the way that broken tooth feels against his tongue. It does look gross so I can only assume it feels equally oogy.

Wish us luck at the dentist and keep your fingers crossed that I don't add appreciably to our debt. *sigh*

posted by Tamara - 7:12 AM -- Link to this entry
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