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Tamara's Flooby Web Log

Friday, May 26, 2006


I haven't updated all week. Not much has happened really. It's been a week of me and the kids again. We've done fine. One or two evenings I got a little cranky. I just couldn't stand hearing them argue any more. Most times I was patient.

Took the van in this week for an oil change and 36,000 check up. Also had the plumbers out because the drain the washing machine empties into is clogged again. We've had someone out at least once a year for that since we've been here. This time it didn't take. The line might be broken, which would mean finding it and possibly digging up a section of the garage. Yeah, bummer.

We do have one last thing to try before that, however. Jean's Plumbing recommended calling another plumber who has some sort of high pressure hose thingie and it might knock the clog loose if it is just a clog. I'll call them today and see about setting up a time for them to come out.

On Sunday we saw Over the Hedge. What I got to see of it was cute. Cal needed two potty breaks and he wasn't rushing through them. I didn't like it as much as I liked Hoodwinked.

I had a successful trip to the mall this week to shop for a new bathing suit. My old one is finally getting too old to wear--the lycra isn't looking too good. We went to Dillard's. Mom says they have the best selection. And what do you know, I found two. Bought 'em both even though it was kind of pricey. Why do bathing suits cost so much? Because they're seasonal? Anyway...trying on bathing suits isn't one of my favorite things to do for obvious reasons. I was extremely happy that I was successful at our first stop.

Today Duncan is officially out of school for the summer. He's currently being a lazy slug and sleeping in. Cal and I got to sleep in as well although the little turd broke his week long record of sleeping through the night and crawled into bed with me about 3. I sure haven't missed that little habit of his.

Not sure what we'll be doing today. I've got plans to clean a couple of our stand up fans. I may attempt to put the two we're not using in the attic just to get them out of the way in the garage. The computer room looks like a tornado hit it so that needs some cleaning. I'll probably get all of us into the act for that one. And, of course, there are always clothes to fold and put away.

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