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Tamara's Flooby Web Log

Tuesday, April 18, 2006

Long Live the Legion

LSH action figures

Yes, I'm a fan of the Legion of Super-Heroes. Ever since I was a kid I've wanted Legion dolls. Finally I got my wish. DC Direct hasn't released a new figure in this line for awhile now but I hold out hope that they'll get around to releasing a few of the female Legionnaires. Saturn Girl and Supergirl look mighty lonely up there. Actually the Supergirl and Superboy figures were released as a Silver Age set that included Streaky and Krypto. I bought it just so I could put them with my Legion figs. They work well although the Supergirl figure looks very young. Maybe one day DC will get around to releasing more figures for this line. Or...even better...a whole new line of '70s era Legionnaires.

I've owned these figures for quite some time but never got around to putting them all out. Last night I broke down and took the rest of my figures out of their packages so I could display them on the shelves above my computer. I must admit I get a thrill looking up and seeing them there.

The line-up from the left to the right: Chameleon Boy, Star Boy, Cosmic Boy, Lightning Lad, Saturn Girl (these last three were released well ahead of the rest of the line and seem to be on a slightly larger scale. I also wish Saturn girl could move her legs but it was probably hard to work with that skirt.), Brainiac 5, Ferro Lad, Karate Kid (Absolutely love this costume. The keen headband makes it), Sun Boy, Supergirl, Ultra Boy, Colossal Boy, Superboy, and Timber Wolf (Another keen figure. His costume is so cheesy but I've always loved it.)

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