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Tamara's Flooby Web Log

Monday, March 06, 2006

Slacker, thy name is Tamara!

It was a very quiet weekend here at the Hodge Lodge. We did nothing of note beyond Duncan attending yet another slumber party. He didn't seem as tired after this one. Probably because he had the lure of Runescape keeping him awake. My son shares my mildly obsessive tendencies and is currently ignoring his Xbox 360 (and Xbox Live account) to play Runescape online. He wants us to get him a paid account, which I'm reluctant to do because I know eventually he'll lose interest in it. And it's a pain when he's obsessing over something because he bitches and moans when he had to be taken away from it. It's very frustrating and it's given me a while new insight into my own obessive behaviors.

Saturday my Aunt Gail and cousin Kelsey came to OKC for an impromptu shopping spree and to check out where my Uncle BJ will be visiting a new orthopedic doc. His broken leg isn't healing well and his doc in Lawton wanted to do surgery. Being a true Baker, my uncle felt like he knew better and doesn't want the surgery. He's been sent to another doctor as a result. Bet he gets told the same thing.

We met mom, Gail and Kelsey for lunch and they took the kids with them for the errand running. Mike and I headed over to mom's so he could figure out why her printer wasn't working. Turns out a small piece of plastic that helps hold in the black printer cartridge is broken, hence you can't print in black ink. This resulted in mom buying a new printer Sunday since getting that little bit repaired would cost as much as a new printer. Plus her new printer has scanning and copying capabilities--very keen. Kind of sad that they make printers and so many other appliances disposable rather than repairable. I do think she's going to get it repaired anyway, however. Tracey could use a printer in her classroom and mom thought she'd spend the money and donate it to Tracey for use at the school. Good thing too since the school laser printer is always out of freakin' toner. That was very frustrating last year and I'm sure it hasn't improved any.

Today Cal and I don't have any place to be beyond here. The Neon is still in the shop and I've got many things I can tidy here--an ongoing thing really. Well, I've been a big, lazy slug for long enough. Time to get crackin'.

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