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Tamara's Flooby Web Log

Saturday, January 21, 2006

Nevada: The Silver State by Duncan Hodge

The first thing people think about when they hear the word Nevada is Las Vegas but I think about Area 51 (because I have a video game about it). You can do a lot in Nevada like seeing a government test site (Area 51) or gambling in tons of Nevada’s casinos or even going to a desert. You could watch the Burning Man Festival where lots of people come to the middle of the Black Rock Desert and watch a huge replica of a man burn down. This happens over Labor Day weekend. Nevada has lots to offer.

Nevada became a state on October 31, 1864 and was the 36th state admitted to the United States. It is called the Silver State. Nevada is in the pacific region. The population of Nevada is 1,988,257. Carson City is the capital of Nevada and has a population of 52,457. Nevada’s largest city is Las Vegas. Its population is 478,434. Nevada’s state bird is the Mountain Blue Bird, its state tree is the Bristlecone Pine, its state flower is the Sagebrush, and its state song is “Home Means Nevada.” The types of agriculture that Nevada has are cattle, hay, dairy products and potatoes. The natural resources of Nevada are silver, gold, copper, lead, zinc, and mercury. The industries of Nevada are tourism, mining and electricity. The area of the state in square miles is 109,826 and in square kilometers are 284,449.

Nevada was first settled by miners and people traveling to the west of the United States. In 1936 Hoover Dam was completed, over 21,000 men worked on its construction. The Nellis Air Force Base started in 1941 and began the government’s use of Nevada. The Nevada Test site, where nuclear bombs were blown up, and Area 51, where spy planes and stealth aircraft were tested, are also part of the government’s use of Nevada. Some conspiracies and video games claim that Area 51 is a place where alien experiments have happened. In 1936 Nevada legalized gambling to raise needed taxes for public schools. Currently, Nevada gets over 43 percent of its funds from gambling.

Some famous people from Nevada’s history include: Kit Carson, Henry Comstock, and Bugsy Siegel. Carson City, Nevada was named after Kit Carson, an explorer who traveled with John Freemont and became famous when books were written about the expedition. Henry Comstock is a person who told two people who found a huge gold mine that the mine was on his property and the people believed him so he got rich for something he didn’t do. The mine had more silver than gold. Bugsy Siegel was the first gangster who helped start all of the gambling in Las Vegas. He was a ruthless killer. He opened up the Flamingo casino and murdered people with his gangster buds. He was later killed by his friends when they thought he was stealing from them.

Nevada also has lots of lakes like Lake Meade, Lake Tahoe, and Pyramid Lake. They are all very interesting. I think the most interesting lake is the pyramid lake. It has this HUGE pyramid shaped island. I know that doesn’t seem like much but the sight is really great even from the view of a picture from the internet. One of the reasons people go to Nevada is the gambling. My parents have been in a casino in Reno, Nevada. After they came back my mom got sick from all the cigarette smoke she had inhaled. Neither of my parents smoke but a lot of the people that were there did. They both said that they did some gambling but they hardly won anything.

That’s almost everything about Nevada. If I were to list every thing that a person would want to know about Nevada I would have about 16 pages of information. If you want to know more about Nevada, go there.

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