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Tamara's Flooby Web Log

Thursday, December 29, 2005

Lazy Vacation

We're well and fully into Christmas break here at the Hodge Lodge. Well, except for Mike. Usually he takes this week between Christmas and New Year off but he elected to save that time for later. He gets to keep going to work while we lay in bed like slugs. I will say Mike is a lot quieter getting ready in the morning now that Duncan isn't getting ready for school too. I hear no griping and there aren't infrequent bursts of Duncan chattiness to jar me from sleep. On the down side, I never get up to chat with E in the morning. Bad me.

Christmas went mostly without mishap. My dad insisted on directing my mom on how to cook her turkey this year so it took far longer than usual to get dinner done. And then by the time my Uncle Vernon was deboning the turkey I noticed it wasn't quite done in the middle. Oh well. No one got food poisoning so all was good.

I did find myself getting cranky on Christmas day. There were way too many people helping in mom's small kitchen and that always makes me antsy. Gayle was tasked with making the green bean casserole and decided to change the recipe a bit. Let me tell you, green bean casserole with "a touch of au gratin" is not as good as regular ol' green bean casserole. I'm thankful that the New Year's Day meal is controlled entirely by me and mom. Since we cook very specific foods we tell everyone not to bother bringing anything, just come and eat. This way I can be assured no one is going to "tweak" anything. Bah.

The kids seemed pleased with their haul this year. They're easy to please really. Cal likes dragging his new baby doll around by one arm. The baby, clothed in pink and able to talk, laugh and cry at the squeeze of a hand, food or push of the belly, was promptly named "Roger da baby." Duncan was informed that Roger was a girl, however. Duncan had a video games Christmas. He also got an inexpensive digital camera because our old digital camera has become too cranky to give him. It takes forever to take a picture and Mike figured getting him a new one would be better. Still haven't gotten the pictures off his chip though because my chip reader won't read the damn thing.

Mike and I got a new phone for the house. Mom was stumped on what to get us and I was stumped on what to tell her but then I was inspired one day while attempting to dial my phone. It's getting old and the push buttons sometimes take several pushes to work. I promptly called and told her to add a new cordless phone with built in caller ID and answering machine to our list. I helped her pick one out and it works great. It's also nice not having all those cords hooking up our answering machine, caller ID unit and phone. Yes, we're finally in the 21st century.

We also received some keen DVDs and gift cards to Best Buy (which we've spent). Mike got some new khakis and shirts. My mother was more restrained this year in her gift buying. The fact that I didn't give her many ideas about what we needed could have had something to do with it. I'm bad. I just couldn't think of much beyond a few DVDs.

Much to Duncan's disgust, we haven't been doing many exciting things while he's on break. Post Christmas fundage is low and the movies out right now aren't really geared toward kids. He did see Cheaper by the Dozen 2 with mom and Cal (and Ryan). They deemed it entertaining. While they were seeing that, Mike and I saw Memoirs of a Geisha. It was okay. Pretty to watch but ultimately pointless. Can't say that I hated it but I wouldn't give it a high recommendation either.

Today we don't have anything planned beyond puttering around the house. Duncan is supposed to clean his room. I need to clean Cal's. We might head out for a bit and pick up one of his Christmas presents--a game that's just now being released. I'll crack the whip on room cleaning after I take my shower because, of course, I haven't done that yet. Being a slug keeps one from moving quickly don't you know.

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