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Tamara's Flooby Web Log

Friday, December 23, 2005

3x Thursday on a Friday

1. Do you and your family celebrate the holidays? What do you do? If not, do you do something else instead?

Yes, we do celebrate the holidays. The Unitarian Church has several things that take into account different aspects of the season. I think the kids like the advent spiral the best.

There's cookie fest for me, of course, wherein I spend a couple of days making enough cookies to choke a horse. Not sure if that qualifies as celebrating though. It does for the people who get the cookies.

Christmas Eve we'll go over to my mom's and open the presents she has for us there. Christmas day the kids get their Santa gifts and open a few presents under the tree. Then we'll get dressed and head over to mom's for lunch and hang out until the early evening. When I was a kid we'd do that but it would be at one of my Grandma's houses. Mom liked to be fair and would switch off between her mom and her mother-in-law. If Mike's mom did something at her house each year I'd do the same thing but she hasn't done Christmas or Thanksgiving in years. Instead she and the rest of Mike's immediate family come to mom's house. Always fun when Grandmother decides she'll start poking Gayle or Phillip. Last year Phil got ticked off at her and left early.

2. Did you get all of your shopping done? Did you have to buy for a lot of people? What kind of gifts do you tend to buy people?

Shopping is almost done. Need to order two gift certificates online. I'll do that tonight. I don't think I had to buy for a lot of people. Still stressful for me just the same. I try to buy gifts people are going to like. For example, my brother has a PS2 (we bought it for him several Christmases ago) and he likes to play sports games on it. Now, the whole concept of sports games doesn't do much for me. I'd prefer a good adventure or shoot-'em-up. But I comply and don't try to get him hooked on anything else. Sports games are what he gets even if I find them incredibly boring.

3. What's up for Xmas (the holidays in general, actually) this year? Doing anything fun?

Doing the same thing actually. Looking forward to New Year's Day when we cook tacos and enchiladas.

Bonus Question for Comments: What was a typical Xmas like at your house when you were a kid? My brother and I would wake up at some godawful hour like 3 am and head into the living room to see what Santa left. We would try to be really quiet but my parents would usually get up a few hours later. It was tough waiting those few hours when presents were calling us under the tree. After eating a little breakfast and getting dressed we'd load up and drive to one of the Grandma's houses for Christmas dinner. Lots of fun because I'd get to see the cousins.

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