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Tamara's Flooby Web Log

Tuesday, November 15, 2005


Yeah, long time no update. What can I say? We live a quiet life here at the Hodge Lodge. This weekend we didn't do much of consequence. Mike, mom, Duncan and Cal went to see Zathura on Saturday. I skipped it and stayed home to mope and watch a few Buffy episodes.

Sunday was a lazy day. I stayed up too late on Saturday so was kinda tired at church school on Sunday. After the class was over, I went to the van to nap. Duncan's class isn't out until 11:30 and the junior high class was making and selling cookies. I ended up getting to rest uncomfortably in the car until 12:30. Then we went home and were lumps.

This week I've done nothing beyond washing clothes and running errands. Gonna tackle Cal's room (yet again) today. It would have been nice to have one child who was a freakish neatnik, but then I guess one of us would need to have that trait to begin with.

No TKD today. Mike keeps getting Reflections entries from the school. I believe tonight he's going to sort them into categories. Then he must snag people to judge the entries. A few will be sent on to compete against other schools. After that he'll have to hit up local businesses for prizes. What fun.

Okay. Time to do something constructive with my day. Spending money at Target really doesn't qualify.

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