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Tamara's Flooby Web Log

Monday, November 28, 2005


It finally turned cold some time last night. The wind has been blowing gangbusters for the past couple of days, which will serve to strip the last of the leaves from the trees. Cal just looked outside and said, "The leafs all gone on my trees." Too funny.

Yesterday we didn't do a damn thing. Duncan and I skipped church school thanks to a shitty night of sleep. Duncan decided to have a bad dream and wake me up. He couldn't go back to sleep by himself so crawled into bed with Cal. Cal, of course, didn't stir. I went back to bed with Mike and couldn't go to sleep because of his snoring. So I went to the couch and Duncan went to my bed. It took me awhile to fall back to sleep on the couch and that whole process took much longer than reading about it suggests.

Morning rolled around and Mike's alarm didn't go off. It was almost 9 and both kids were still asleep. I suggested he go in by himself and let the kids sleep. Cal woke up after Mike had showered and was ready to go to church school. Too late for the usual breakfast at the Hungry Frog but they hit a McDonald's drive-thru and made it with time to spare. I was awake by now but Duncan still fast asleep. He ended up sleeping until 11 am. Kid must have needed it after two nights of nightmares.

Mike and Cal came home and we had a lunch of hot dogs. I folded clothes and took a short nap. Duncan played Xbox. Cal did Lord of Chaos type things. Mike sat around and felt crappy--achy like he's trying to get sick. Basically we were big slugs all day.

Today will bring my usual routine--tidying, TKD, dinner, etc. Contemplating seeing if mom wants to go to Sam's today. She might be ready to get out of the house after Sunday with dad.

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