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Tamara's Flooby Web Log

Wednesday, September 07, 2005

Yes, I'm a slug.

Waiting for the kitchen floor to dry and then I'll mop the dining room (well, dining area) floor. Figured I may as well post an exciting update on life at the Hodge Lodge.

Let's see...we just had a three day weekend. Saturday Mike wanted to see a movie. I wasn't a bitch. I didn't nix it because the house still needs a few areas painted. Why should I worry about stuff like that if no one else is? We went to see The Brothers Grimm. I like to see Terry Gilliam films. Brazil is one of my favorite movies as a matter of fact. The Brothers Grimm was one of those Gilliam films that left me feeling ambivalent. It wasn't horrible but you got the feeling it could have been so much better.

After the movie we came home for a bit. Duncan mowed the lawn. I can't remember what I did. Then we headed to Mark's house for a non-STAR get-together. I spent my time keeping an eye on Cal. We left around 9 because Cal and his pal Jazra were getting too worked up and Mark was getting testy. When it comes to little kids I'm fairly laid back I guess. I figure they're gonna squeal and play and have a good time. I make my kids mind but I don't subscribe to the 'be seen and not heard' school of dealing with kids. Not that Mark does either but he was wanting to concentrate on Blazing Saddles and not listen to kids playing. Easier to leave and let both kids wind down apart.

Sunday we went to my Aunt Gail's house. My Uncle BJ lives there too but he's a Baker and doesn't interact much. Strange to feel closer to someone who's not related to you by blood. Their house is kind of small and with my mom, dad, brother, grandma, Uncle BJ, Kelsey, Duncan, Mike, Cal, Aunt Gail and me all in attendance there was no way we could all stay inside. So Mike, mom, Kelsey, Duncan, Cal and Aunt Gail spent most of our time outside. Justin and Grandma made an appearance but my dad and Uncle BJ stayed inside. Yes, social butterflies doesn't even begin to describe them.

It was fun. We had some good food. I did absolutely nothing. Finished my book. Started another one. Took a short nap. Came home and did nothing.

Monday, Labor Day, we didn't labor. Instead we went to mom's for lunch. My brother showed up. We hung around for a bit but I wanted to get home and do a few chores. We left Cal there because I figured he'd pitch a fit about leaving. Plus it's nice to be able to tidy without him going right behind me untidying. After doing very little I watched a Farscape episode. Fell asleep during a second episode. Depression is great for getting lots of sleep. Did nothing of consequence the rest of the night. Wait a minute. I did win an action figure on Ebay that I've been wanting.

Yesterday did some chores. Ran errands with mom. While I was watching House and doing my exercising (helps with the depression evidently) Cal fell off the back of the couch and hit his eye on a two pound weight. He was trying to do what I was doing but soon lost interest and thought holding the weights while balancing on the back of the couch would be a good idea. Next time he'll listen to his mother when she says be careful with the weights, they're not toys.

Today more chores. Tae Kwon Do for Duncan. After TKD we're eating at mom's. Duncan needs to get some lawn mowing done over there. I might help him out and mow the backyard. This way he'll only have the next door neighbor's backyard to do on Saturday. It hasn't been mowed in quite a while and the grass is kinda high. It'll be a two person job most likely.

Whaddaya know? My floor is dry. More mopping....

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