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Tamara's Flooby Web Log

Wednesday, September 21, 2005

There Oughta Be a Law

Okay, maybe not a law but I'd sure like to see songs retired like they retire famous sports figures jerseys. I'm doing my darndest to avoid the computer room by working at it at a snail's pace and listening to my Judy at Carnegie Hall CD. I'm on the second CD and she's singing her signature song "Over the Rainbow."

"Over the Rainbow" is my favorite song. But only if it's sung by Judy Garland. Every time I hear someone else sing this song I'll usually cringe and shut it off. Mike thought it would be funny to search Kazaa for versions of "Over the Rainbow." I didn't find it funny. In fact, if you want to see me leave a room real quick just ask him to put that CD on.

There is one exeption to this rule. Tori Amos does a version of "Over the Rainbow" that I liked. But she got the song. She knew it shouldn't be belted out like some pean to optimism. But Judy still sings it the best. After all, it's a perfect encapsulation of her life, she understands it.

It would be nice if all current and future singers would promise to retire "Over the Rainbow." Leave it to Judy. No one else will ever match her ability to sing this one and it's painful to hear other singers try. So give it up. Move on. Find another old standard to see how many notes you can hit in a single song. Let Judy's be the definitive interpretation of "Over the Rainbow."

posted by Tamara - 11:48 AM -- Link to this entry
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