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Tamara's Flooby Web Log

Monday, September 12, 2005

Another Exciting Update

Let's see if I can be a little bit more upbeat than my last couple of blog entries. Thursday I got up bright and early thanks to being woken up by the phone (you know who you are) and, after showering, went off to my counseling session. The session went well. I was a lot more in control emotionally for this one. If you hadn't already figured it out, being in control emotionally is important to me. Got some good advice on things to do to help track my down moods. Never fear, I won't inflict them on you here.

Came home and got Cal ready for his first session at Mat Tots Gymnastics. Mom showed up after her nail appointment and I could tell she was surprised to see Gayle at my house on another Thursday morning. I think she asked Gayle about it and was told I had a doctor's appointment. Yes, neither one of them knew what I've been doing every other Thursday morning. I did tell Mike he could tell his mom why I needed her to watch Cal. He didn't though.

So while driving with mom and Cal to Mat Tots she asked me why I've had two doctor's appointments and she didn't know about them. I told her I wasn't going to a doctor but to see a counselor. She asked 'why?' (as I knew she would). I told her that like all of the Bakers I have a problem with depression and it was time to do something about it. She asked if she could do anything to help (as I also knew she would). I told her no, that was why I was going to the counselor. Fortunately mom dropped it after that.

Gayle met us at Mat Tots and Cal was rarin' to go. The only problem...no kids and no teacher. It turns out his two classmates are often running late. The class started a little after 11 as a result. Cal, however, did great. He took to everything like an old pro, which I knew he would. Cal is a lot more skilled at physical stuff than Duncan was. He's as limber as an octopus and has no fear. This helps when doing a lot of the things at Mat Tots.

I'm not counting on him having a career in gymastics or anything. I wasn't for Duncan either. I do like that he gets some experience in listening to a teacher and following instructions. He also has to do things like wait his turn. It's good for their self-confidence too (not that Cal needs more). He was ready to go to Mat Tots again the next day. He doesn't quite grasp the concept of once a week yet.

Oh, while waiting for Cal in Mat Tots, Gayle took the opportunity to quiz me about my two Thursday doctor appointments. I told her what the deal was and she reacted with an 'oh.' And then she told me she'd had to do that a while back and we went on from there. She didn't ask me why and that was nice. I figure though she has her own thoughts about why and I bet they're way off base. I'm thinking she'll break down and ask Mike one day so I'll see if my suspicions were correct.

We went to McDonald's after Mat Tots. Cal played and ignored his chicken nuggets. Cal ended up going home with mom and I stayed home. Took Duncan to TKD. Picked up Chinese food for dinner. Mike had a meeting at the Unitarian Church about the church school program so he didn't join us. Had a fairly quiet evening as usual.

Friday I puttered around the house in the morning. Mom came over and got Cal around 11 because I was schedule to sub for Tracey's assistant for half a day. I took my lunch to the school and ate with the kids. My day was very easy. Being Friday things were kind of wacky. I didn't have to take them to specials because they do that in the morning now. We didn't do any table times because it was a screwed up day with Tracey's assistant being gone in the morning.

I got to know the three new kids. They seem like good kids and thankfully not much of a discipline problem. Saw the old kids including one who left the program for a year (was out of the country) and came back this year. I was amazed at how much this kid had grown and was connecting more with all the other kids. Very cool. My favorite troublemaker from last year was doing great thanks to new meds. I can't wait for the folks from the former school to see the improved behavior when we go to State Special Olympics. All in all, I had a fun time. I hadn't realized I'd missed the kids until I saw them again.

Had Tae Kwon Do after school. Picked up Cal from mom's, came home and got Mike. Then on the way to meeting Tracey at her favorite hole-in-the-wall Mexican restaurant I picked up my comics. Came home and Duncan showed Tracey Halo 2 as played online (X-box Live). We all stayed up way too late and, as a result, slept in Saturday.

Wednesday Duncan mowed mom's front yard and the front yard of her next door neighbor. I mowed mom's backyard to help him out. The next door neighbor's backyard was desperate for a mow so Saturday we took Duncan over around 11 and he and Mike tackled the knee high grass. This set off Mike's allergies something fierce so after we got home he doped himself up and slept most of the afternoon. I read comics and helped Cal build a blanket fort in the living room. We were big slugs basically.

Now here's where I do something uncharacteristic of me. Sunday I went to church school with Mike, Duncan and Cal. Mike, being Mr. Breakfast, loves to get up early and eat a big breakfast at the Hungry Frog before church on Sunday. I bitched about that of course because without the big breakfast I could sleep more. I sucked it up and dragged myself out of bed just in time to shower and dress. I told Mike he had to gather all of Cal's crap and make sure he was ready. He did it too. Cool. Nice just to worry about getting me ready.

Why did I go to church school rather than enjoying hours alone in the house and a nice late Sunday sleep in? Because the couple who are signed up to teach the Junior High class with Mike want to participate in some of the Adult Education classes. This means they won't be available for every Sunday in the Junior High class. The church likes to have two adults in class and the fellow who was thinking about helping decided against it. I had told Mike that if they couldn't find anyone I'd help him out. Hence, I went to church school.

The kids were mostly 14 to 15 age range. They were a hoot too. I'd forgotten how chatty kids are at that age. They're like little adults one minute and total kids the next. I'm not sure if I'll go every Sunday. That getting up early part sucks. But part of me thinks if I don't go I'll always feel a little uncomfortable on those Sundays I do go because I won't know the kids as well as I should. I should go. I need to get out of this house and meet other people. And where better to meet other liberals in Oklahoma who won't be shocked at some of my weird beliefs and pasttimes? Why, there's no place better than the Unitarian Church.

After church we made a quick visit to Game Stop so Duncan could drool over the Halo toys. He wanted to buy one but we played the hardasses and told him he'd have to buy it with his own money. Not that he doesn't have a lot of money. He's been saving all of his lawn mowing money to purchase an X-box 360 and has well over $200. We don't encourage him to use that money and, I must admit, he never wants to dip into it. The real reason for being hardasses is we've already bought a whole bunch of Halo toys for his birthday. Including the toy he wanted to buy yesterday. I held him off with the promise that he just might get it for his birthday. Surely he'd know by now that when I say things like that it means it's a done deal. Ah, the paranoia of youth.

Sunday afternoon I washed and folded clothes, tidied a bit, and read comics. Mike and Cal went to Gayle's to work on her computer. They also took a little time to wander the mall and then brought home Chinese for dinner. I was lame and couldn't think of anything to fix. Well, anything that I wanted to eat. Chinese food from Pei Wei though sounded mighty good.

Today housework and TKD after school. The weekly routine begins again....

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