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Tamara's Flooby Web Log

Monday, August 08, 2005

The Weekend

Had a busy yet also lazy weekend. Saturday I spent most of the day getting our house ready for the former STAR folks to come over for a cook out. I didn't do a damn thing to the computer room choosing instead to let it remain its cluttered, messy self. The rest of the house looked decent though still cluttered because you just can't get away from that in my house. Clean Sweep would love me and I'd hate them. Saturday's organizing did manage to get Mike to put some things in the attic. We've got a lovely big attic and need to use it more.

The get-together went well. We started around 4. The kids swam, I cooked a bunch of hamburgers and hot dogs and the rest of us sat around and chatted. Mark forgot to bring one of his cheesy movies so we never did put anything on to watch. With little ones running around that's hard to do anyway. Not that I minded. I was glad Cal had a good time playing with Mark's granddaughter. I just wish he hadn't felt the need to pester Karla's much younger grandson quite so much. At one point he was poking the baby in the head with a foam sword to get a reaction out of him. I, being a mean mom who believes in spanking, swatted him a good one to make sure he got the message.

Sunday Duncan mowed the backyard. Mike and Cal sweated outside as well and moved the wood from the huge Redbud limb that fell into our yard. I tidied from the party because I really liked the fact that our living room floor was relatively free of toys and debris. It's a living room I can actually relax in now and I did just that for part of Saturday and Sunday.

Duncan went to White Water with his pal Ryan after lunch and we took Cal over to mom's so we could go see an adult movie. I was voting for either Mad Hot Ballroom or The Devil's Rejects. Then Mike spotted a new small movie, showing at just one theater in the city of course, Heights.

The synopsis sounded good and Glenn Close was one of the players and we decided to see that one. I wasn't disappointed. This movie was based on a stage play and it translated very well to the big screen. Much better than Hell Cab did. I watched that one with E while in Seattle and we both agreed even John Cusack couldn't save it.

Heights is a very quiet movie but a lot happens in the 24 hour time period of the story. The performances were good overall. I did find myself wishing they'd found someone a tad less model perfect for the role of Isabel. Elizabeth Banks played Isabel and while she did a credible job I get so tired of bland, pretty girls cast in movies. Give me more Lili Taylor style actresses any day.

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