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Tamara's Flooby Web Log

Tuesday, August 23, 2005

A Delicacy Only a Dog Could Love

The rain let up today by lunch time, as predicted. Turned hot and humid but not hot enough for us to swim. Plus I was occupied with moving the X-box/gaming console area in the computer room. It now sits where the drums used to be. The drums, in turn, sit where the gaming area was. I think I'm gonna like it.

Cal decided to play in the backyard while I grilled chicken for dinner. He's really taken to this potty training and when he needed to pee he didn't bother to come inside, just whipped it out and whizzed on the ground. He does have a wee bit of trouble getting his pants back up afterward, thus he ended up with no pants on the back porch.

I noticed all of this as I was turning the chicken. Figured I'd do my motherly duty and help him put everything back on after I checked the dinner. I wasn't quick enough. I turned around just in time to see my son squatting in front of a plastic chair on the patio. He hopped up and proudly exclaimed, "I pooped!" And then proceeded to point at it. What did I do? Laughed of course. But then I did the right thing and told him he needed to poop in the toilet and not outside.

I showed Mike our son's accomplishment and sent Cal in to get his butt wiped. Mike quickly shooed him off so he wouldn't have to scoop up the mess. I wasn't going to let the rain take care of this one.

I went inside to grab a bag. Didn't lollygag or stop to do something else. Honest. I came back to find Max licking his lips. Yeah, looks like dogs are equal opportunity fecal matter eaters. At least Cal's snack didn't have a crunchy coating of cat litter.

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