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Tamara's Flooby Web Log

Tuesday, August 02, 2005

Blog or Die

Well...I shouldn't exaggerate. It's really blog or get nagged. I've been ordered to blog and since I'm coming out of my funk I guess it probably is about time.

Now for an update on our exciting weekend. Saturday we didn't get too much done. Duncan mowed mom's front yard even though one of our lawn mower's wheels had mysteriously been bent. We took the kids to my dad's shop and got them a trim. I really need to be more diligent about that because it took a lot less time for trims as opposed to hacking through unruly mops of hair. After hair trimming, we met the rest of the former STAR crew at the new movie theater in Bricktown to see Sky High. It was a cute, typical kids' movie. Nothing very taxing mentally, just good, clean fun.

Cal went to the movie with us. After he got so upset about us going to Seattle without him I figured it might be a tough sell to leave him with Nana Gayle. I hoped the wacky hijinks in Sky High would keep him occupied and they did. Plus it helped that the movie wasn't very long. He got out of his seat a few times but never made a move for the exit and, when it comes to Cal movie behavior, that was a rousing success.

Following the movie we went to Hideaway Pizza for dinner. We chatted a lot, ate some great pizza and finalized plans for the former STAR folks to come to our house this Saturday for a cook out.

Sunday was spent with Mike painting, Duncan playing X-box Live (a Seattle trip goodie--the Microsoft store has some great deals) and me cleaning off the kitchen cabinets. Cal and I swam a little in the afternoon too. I spent practically our entire time in the pool scooping crape myrtle flowers. The pool cover blew off the night we got back from Seattle and we never bothered to reattach it. Big mistake. The pool was full of plant matter. It looks better now although swimming stirs up all the seeds.

Yesterday I wasn't very productive. I took the kids to mom's in the morning because I had an appointment for my yearly check up. Told the nurse practitioner about the cramping I've been having after my period ends. As I suspected, she told me to keep track of it and call if it kept happening. Everything else looked good. Left the doc's office feeling like I'd had an entire bottle of KY used on me but that's normal.

Went and picked up the kids and rescued mom from my dad. After lunch we puttered around Garden Ridge and I bought some cloth napkins. Duncan really liked E's cloth napkins and I'm so willing to do anything that'll get this kid to stop using his shirt and pants to clean his hands.

Then we headed home. Duncan decided he didn't want to go to TKD that day even if it meant going Wed-Fri. I washed a few loads of clothes and then Cal and I swam. Duncan, of course, played X-box Live.

I was all prepared to cook dinner but Tracey called around 4:30 wanting to know if we wanted to go out. Ended up going with her and a friend of hers and three other kids. This meant the kids got their own table--quite nice. The food wasn't so hot but I had a good time just the same.

Today I need to get my ass in gear to get ready for Saturday. I know I won't have it in perfect condition but I'd like to have most of the piles organized.

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