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Tamara's Flooby Web Log

Saturday, July 09, 2005

Stubborn Little Cuss

Well, Cal hasn't wanted to try the great underwear experiment since Thursday. We went to the mall Friday so I didn't push for it that day. But I asked when we got home. And I ask every time I change a diaper. Damn that human tendency to have free will. I won't push it. I don't want potty training to be traumatic. I'm perfectly willing for other things to be traumatic for him but not that.

Friday I didn't get much done around the house. Went to the mall with mom. She's traveling with my aunt and uncle to South Carolina in August and needs an outfit for a wedding reception. They're going to see my cousin graduate but his girlfriend's mom is getting married and they're all invited to the reception. She didn't have any luck finding an outfit this trip. At least she's got a month to look.

Today Duncan is earning more money toward his X-box 2. He's over at mom's mowing her lawn. Not sure if he'll get over to Gayle's this evening or not. She's coming back from Cancun tonight and having a freshly mowed lawn might be a nice welcome home.

I've got to get to the Cingular store some time today. My phone is screwing up. Sometimes when I turn it on the display comes up reversed. If I'm lucky, I only have to turn the phone off and then on once and it fixes itself. Yesterday it took a whole bunch of times *and* my phone wasn't wanting to turn on. It's a new phone so I'm hoping they'll swap me for another one.

We're also planning on seeing the Fantastic Four movie today. I'm kind of half thinking about taking Cal with us, fully realizing this will mean I'll miss some of the movie. I might call Tracey and see if she can watch him while we're at the movie. I hate to do that last minute though. Dunno. Might just let the little turd go with us. We are going to be away from him for two weeks after all. I kinda feel bad about that.

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