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Tamara's Flooby Web Log

Wednesday, July 27, 2005

Seattle Weather, Go Home

Yep, the Hodge Lodge is back home. I was expecting my lovely, hot Summer weather and what's my first day back going to be like? The high is supposed to reach 80. That's the kind of highs we had in Seattle. And what's the Seattle high supposed to be today? 90. We leave Seattle and the cool weather evidently decided to come with us. It's currently almost 10 am and 65 degrees outside. That's just weird for July. Go back to E, Seattle Weather. She misses you.

Our flights were uneventful. The flight leaving Seattle was about an hour late but we still made our connection in Dallas. Mom, dad and Cal were waiting for us in baggage claim and Cal ran right to Mike. I didn't see them and had walked right past. All of us got big hugs and he was very glad to see us.

Mom drove our van to the airport and dad followed in their car so we had our transportation waiting for us. We loaded up and hit a Sonic on the way home. The rush to catch our flight in Dallas meant we didn't get dinner. In Oklahoma time (10 pm) we were eating dinner really late but by Seattle time it wasn't so bad.

Cal was wide awake by the time we got home of course. I showed him some of the loot we picked up for him. The loot became more plentiful the guiltier I felt. I don't feel so bad now because he's happy to see us and is acting like the same ol' Cal. I felt really horrible though every time he wouldn't talk or webcam with us.

As for vacation in Seattle...I do believe a fun time was had by all. I was in such a lazy vacation mode I couldn't even bring myself to blog (much to E's disgust). Suffice it to say, we saw a lot but we also rested. I hate vacations where all you do is rush, then when you get home you have to rest due to all the running around you did during your vacation.

It's good to be home though. Back to my cluttered house and piles o' crap I need to Ebay. Back to deathly hot days and my pool. Back to the Lord of Chaos and all the excitement that goes with his daily adventures. Vacation is over for me until October and I must get my head back into an organizing groove.

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