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Tamara's Flooby Web Log

Tuesday, July 19, 2005

A Pot to Piss In

I use public restrooms. Have for a long time as a matter of fact. If I'm out and about and the urge to pee hits, I've got no problems using any available toilet. If I lived in Seattle, that might change.

Yesterday we met Mike, Duncan, John, Gina and Diego at the Pacific Science Center. First up was wandering the science center for a bit then we went to the spiffy IMAX theater to watch Charlie and the Chocolate Factory. Fantastic movie, btw. Go see it.

After the movie was over we hit the bathrooms. Of course there was a line in the ladies. Didn't have to wait long thankfully. I got a stall vacated by an attractive young woman. I walked into the stall and stopped. There was pee all over the seat.

I couldn't make the urine covered toilet seat match with the nice-looking young woman who had just left the stall. I've gone into stalls where the seats weren't too tidy but that was usually because a small child had been the previous occupant. But what the fuck was up with this thirty something, obviously fit and well-groomed woman pissing all over the toilet seat?

I wiped it off and used one of the handy toilet seat covers. What do you know? There was no piss on the seat when I was done. I left the restroom and related my tale to E and the rest of the group. I was met with knowing looks and nods. Gina and E had both experienced this often in Seattle. They were surprised I hadn't. My reply was something along the lines of "no, in Oklahoma we don't pee on the toilet seat."

So. Here's my quandary. I should probably be grateful that the woman didn't wipe off the seat. I mean she could have wiped off the seat and there I'd be totally ignorant, sitting on a toilet seat that had moments before been covered in little yellow drops of urine. At least by not cleaning up her mess she let me know I'd better use that disposable toilet seat cover.

But therein lies my problem. If you know you're going to piss all over the toilet seat why not use the disposable cover? How hard would that be? Your ass won't be touching the seat *and* you're leaving it clean for the next customer.

I do know this about myself. If I lived in Seattle, I'd snap. I'd have to snag the pissing on the seat perpetrator and ask them point blank what their problem was. I'd need to drag them into the stall and show them my solution to their phobia about placing their ass on a public toilet seat. They'd need to swear to me to use it forever. I wouldn't let them out of that stall until they did.

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