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Tamara's Flooby Web Log

Thursday, July 21, 2005

3x Thursday

Two this week....

1. What brand of shampoo/conditioner do you use? Is there any particular reasoning behind it?

I use Pert and Herbal Essences. Started using Pert a long time ago because it was easy--shampoo and conditioner in one. Use the Herbal Essences for a change of pace and because they smell good.

2. What kind of clothes do you buy? For example, are you a Target shopper, or something more 'trendy' like Gap or American Eagle?

I find some things at Target. Never have been one for trendy stores. If I need shirts I'll hit sales at the major department stores like JC Penney.

3. Do brand names really matter? Why/why not?

Nah, it's all just marketing. You can usually find the same thing as a generic brand if you look hard enough.

Bonus Question for Comments: What are your favorite stores to shop at? Why?

Target...Best Buy...any book store...kitchen gadget stores are neat but I try and stay away from those because I've got plenty of kitchen gadgets.

1. How tall are you? Do you think it's 'tall' or 'short'? Does it matter to you? What are the advantages/disadvantages to being your height?

I'm about 5' 8". I consider my height average so I don't really feel like there are advantages or disadvantages.

2. Do you consider yourself to be better than others? Why/why not?

No. Because I'm not. Everyone has something they're better at than you, even if it's something goofy like being able to blow a really great bubble. We're all unique.

3. Do you think you're good at your job? How/how not?

Some days I think I am and others I know I suck at it and am warping my children.

Bonus Question for Comments: What do you consider to be your greatest strength (this can be anything)?

I'm not afraid to be alone.

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