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Tamara's Flooby Web Log

Sunday, June 12, 2005

Weekend Fun

Well, it's been done. We can actually park one car in our garage. Mike made space for the minivan on Saturday. We'll do something with the crap in the other half of the garage after we finish painting the outside of the house. Yes, that's still not done. Everything has primer but we've still got some big patches to cover with paint. Ah...Summer...time to work on projects around the house and sweat.

Speaking of projects around the house, I'm moving along nicely with my house chores. Cal's room got the carpet treatment on Friday. The hallway was done on Saturday. Tomorrow I'll get started on Duncan's room. It's time to weed out toys he no longer plays with and do some rearranging. My mother-in-law has said she wants to come over while we're in Seattle and redo Duncan's room. Both Duncan and I don't want her to do that so it's a nice incentive to get that puppy finished. Poor Duncan...he's going to be put to work on Monday and doesn't even realize it.

So Saturday we did stuff around the house during the day. Duncan's last day of church camp was canceled due to rain so he went to his pal Ryan's house for the day. Cal was stuck with his boring parents all day. We're not as exciting as mamaw.

That evening we went over to Mark's house for a small get-together. It was a potluck dinner type of thing and I had no idea what to take so I cooked some hamburgers and hot dogs and took those. They were a hit because every single one of them was eaten.

Mostly I relaxed and watched Cal play with Mark's granddaughter. They have a heckuva fun time together. She's a little younger and finds great delight in following Cal around and doing everything he does.

Mark also played a few DVDs but we left before the Superman DVD was over. I was getting a sinus headache and Cal was tired. It was relaxing and our next planned get-together should happen on the 4th of July when we go to Mustang and shoot off fireworks. Fun!

I figure I'll get my ass in gear and have people over to our house in August. The kids can swim and the adults can hang out inside and talk or watch a movie or play around with the instruments.

Now back to my rambling discourse about our weekend.... Today we all slept in and were very lazy most of the day. Robots is now at the dollar theater and all of us plus mom went to see it this afternoon.

What I saw of Robots was cute. I ended up leaving after the first 40 minutes because Cal needed to wander. We spent a lot of time walking up and down the mall. Well, Cal ran and I walked. Then he was ready to go back to the movie and I got to see the last five minutes of Robots. Guess I'll see the whole thing when it comes out on DVD.

After the movie we came home and Duncan mowed the front yard. Kinda keen that he's old enough to mow the lawn now. Mike finished the process of setting up the pool and Cal and Duncan had a fun time splashing around while it filled. Actually it's still filling. It'll take a long time too. I tidied the house and used the fact that I missed most of the movie on Cal watch to get me out of the dirty job of setting up the pool.

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