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Tamara's Flooby Web Log

Tuesday, June 14, 2005

Update (Yeah, I know I used that below but I couldn't think of a snappy title.)

Update time once again. Monday I began the horrifying task of cleaning Duncan's room. I'm also culling toys. It's time for a lot of the toys Duncan no longer plays with to go to the attic until Cal wants to play with them.

Duncan was really on the ball Monday and he got up, ate his breakfast, dressed himself and, after turning on the water to finish filling the pool, proceeded to mow the backyard. After mowing the yard he gave the dog a bath. Way keen. He's working off money he owes me by doing these things but I thought it was very neat that I didn't have to ask him to do any of it.

Mom showed up after lunch and swam with the kiddos, which was fantastic because I had to make up five packages from my Ebay sales. I'm trying to get rid of our laserdiscs and those things are a bitch to package.

Duncan really wanted to swim after Tae Kwon Do but we got a really keen thunderstorm that rolled in around 7 pm. I didn't realize I'd missed thunderstorms but I did. May, our usual time for thunderstorms and tornados, was quiet.

Today I also worked on Duncan's room--yes, it's that messy. I washed a few clothes as well but haven't folded any of them. Working on Duncan's room has sort of let the rest of the house go to hell. Ah well...things are getting done even if it doesn't look like it.

Cal, Duncan and I took a little break after lunch and ran to Target to pick up a few things. After Target the three of us swam. It really wasn't as hot as I like it to be for swimming but the water wasn't too cold. Much to Duncan's disgust we quit around 4:30 and I went back to sorting through crap in his room.

After Mike got home, we went with his mom and grandmother to the Olive Garden to celebrate his grandmother's 83rd birthday. That was pretty uneventful. Our food was very Olive Gardeny and Cal and I ended up leaving early because he wouldn't sit still. We sat in the car and played while everyone else finished their dinner and dessert. I'm a fast eater so often get Cal duty when he just won't sit still at a restaurant. Now you see one of the reasons I'm never without a book.

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