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Tamara's Flooby Web Log

Monday, April 11, 2005

My Week

Wow. Was I a slug or what? I didn't blog all week. So now it's time for the incredibly tedious update on my week. Ready? Good.

Saturday we had a busy day doing things around the house and driving Duncan to two birthday parties. The first one took place in Yukon at a gymnastics school. Duncan was the only boy in attendance. It's sad that at this age the kids really get locked into things like "I can't go to a girl's/boy's party!" From an early age we've tried to stress to Duncan that looking at the world as this is for girls or this is for boys is silly. You do what you enjoy and don't worry about what others think. I'm pleased to say that so far it hasn't kept him from attending the birthday parties of his friends who are girls.

He left that party after about an hour and a half and headed to his friend Skylar's party, which was at her house. This party had a live band (Skylar's Uncle) and a few more boys in attendance. He had a great time at both parties and didn't want to leave either one.

But, as luck would have it, we had another function to attend that evening--a not STAR get-together. Mike had left Cal with mom before he and Duncan went to the Yukon party since the house where everyone was meeting was small and not toddler friendly. We were running late so didn't make it for dinner at a local Mexican restaurant but stopped and grabbed Subway instead.

We made it to the house not too long after everyone else arrived and Karla, the hostess, wanted us to play games. I'd brought a few of our own just in case someone wanted to play Illuminati or Pirates of the Spanish Main.

In the end, we all decided to play Star Wars Trivial Pursuit. Yep, we're a bunch of geeks. We split up into teams and proceeded to pass a pleasant couple of hours getting frustrated at trivial Star Wars questions. I must admit I have more fun dealing with STAR now that it's not STAR. No pressure to worry about how we're going to get new members, no plans to make for future activities beyond where to meet next month. I'm too old for clubs and would rather just hang out with friends.

After the game broke up (Mike and Mark won--the bastards), Mike, Duncan and I hung around a bit and watched a few Space Ghost Coast to Coast episodes with Karla and her kids. Next month I'm pushing for a matinee movie and dinner. I've informed them my house probably won't be presentable for guests until after school is out but I might be able to pull it off before then. We'll see.

Sunday arrived with Cal feeling a mite poorly. He ended up spending the night with mom Saturday because he fell asleep around 8 pm. He had a rough night, complaining of a sore throat and running a slight fever. Mom came over to our house before Mike and Duncan returned from church school and Cal wasn't doing too well. I ran to Walgreen's to pick up some children's ibuprofen and ear drops for Cal's earache. Usually I always have kids meds on hand but with working at the school my usual backup had been depleted and I didn't notice. Mike never knows where the backup is so he wasn't aware he'd used the last of the cold meds and ibuprofen. *sigh*

The ibuprofen and eardrops worked wonders and Cal was feeling good enough to make the 2 pm showing of the Shrine Circus. We ate at Los Amigos first and he even ate a pretty good lunch. I re-applied eardrops before intermission and he seemed to be enjoying himself. However, after wandering around with Mike and Duncan during intermission he decided he was ready to go home so mom, Cal and I headed back to the house and Duncan and Mike stayed for the last thirty minutes of the circus.

The night that followed wasn't a good one for Cal. I slept with Cal and Mike camped out in Cal's bed. This led to the night not being a good one for me too. Cal tossed and turned all night and was sick and cranky kid. I went to school the next day feeling very tired and wrung out. I also informed Mike he would be sleeping with Cal on Monday night.

Cal wasn't any better on Monday so we called the doc and made an appointment to see if he had strep throat. Sadly they couldn't work him in until Tuesday afternoon. Yep this meant we were looking at another long night. Mike got to sleep with Cal on Monday night and I spent a somewhat quiet night in Cal's bed. I had a better night than Mike that's for sure.

Tuesday was local Special Olympics so I had to be at school by 7:30. I managed to get away relatively well-rested and Tracey and Mrs. Maxwell's classes, along with a bunch of volunteers, pulled away from the school by 8 am and headed to Midwest City and Carl Albert Junior High School.

The kids competed in the softball throw, the 50 meter dash and the some-amount-I- can't-remember relay race. Everyone did well in their events. Nobody got lost or injured. We did get battered and beaten by the wind all day. The morning threatened rain and it was kind of chilly but by noon the clouds had blown away and the day warmed up. I was really happy to be in the bus by the end of it all, however. You don't realize how loud wind can be until you're out of it. Fortunately the state games take place in May and it's not quite as windy then.

By the time I got home, Cal had been to see the doctor and pronounced clear of strep but he had a nasty infection in his throat and ears. This was the same kind of thing my brother and I used to get as kids every year. He gave Mike a prescription for antibiotics and, at the request of my mom, stuck Cal with a nice dose of antibiotics before they left the office. Because of her experience with her own kids mom knew this shot worked wonders. It did the same thing for Cal and by the time they left the office, (had to hang around for twenty minutes to make sure he didn't have any adverse reactions) he was eating and playing.

It was my turn to sleep with Cal and he did a little better but still slept fitfully. His throat had gotten so sore he was reluctant to take his medicine and even though he was feeling a whole lot better, the reluctance to swallow medicine lingered and we had a helluva time getting cold meds down him. I finally got him to sleep reasonably well by propping him up on a whole bunch of pillows.

Wednesday was a regular ol' school day. Tae Kwon Do after it and then home for evening stuff. Cal slept great that night, in his own bed and Mike and I were both very thankful.

Thursday my mom left for Tennessee before any of us were out of bed and Mike's mom arrived to take care of Cal for the day. Cal seemed a little worried but settled in comfortably with Nana Gayle. I came home for lunch and he hadn't eaten but Gayle isn't as used to his eating habits as my mom so this wasn't a surprise. Cal also slept great on Thursday night. Yippee!

Friday was a field trip to Coffee Creek. This was our last trip for the year and took up the whole day. I should mention that Tracey and I spent the morning decorating a ceiling tile (the kids signed it) and it's a miracle we got the damn thing done in time. Glue was still drying as I was putting it on the bus.

Saturday we set off bug bombs in the garage and house--don't ask, it's gross. Duncan had yet another party to attend so we spent a few hours out of the house after we picked him up at 1. Got home and cleaned up the debris and I became the tidying queen.

Sunday was spent with me doing more tidying and I actually got Mike to put up the new mailbox and house numbers. Way keen. I was a little bummed when I remembered around 5 that I'd forgotten to go to my cousin Kelsey's soccer game that afternoon.

And that's how I spent my week. Aren't you thrilled you read this far?

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