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Tamara's Flooby Web Log

Monday, March 07, 2005

Update on My Exciting Weekend

Saturday morning Mike and I ran a few errands while the kids stayed with Mike's mom. Gayle had come over to help Mike clear a space in our garage for the new freezer she purchased for us. Why did she buy us a freezer? She said it was mother's day, my birthday and Valenteine's Day all rolled into one. Who am I to argue with that?

After errand running, we met up with the kids, Gayle, my mom and Mike's grandmother for lunch at Los Amigos. After lunch, mom, Cal and I drove to Edmond to watch my cousin Kelsey play soccer (they won). Duncan chose to stay with Mike while he worked on getting the new freezer situated.

By the time we got home, the new freezer was in place and plugged in. I was most pleased. Cal took a nap and the rest of us puttered until around 4:30 when it was time to take Duncan to his pal Ryan's house for a birthday/slumber party. Cal, Mike and I headed off to Outlaw's BBQ to meet up with the former STAR OKC folks.

I must say our get-together was very relaxing. True, we were all a little bummed about the prospect of disbanding STAR OKC but it was nice not feeling down that so few people were showing up. We pretty much knew who was going to show and we even got a surprise guest at Outlaw's. He used to be a member and wanted to find out what was going on and why was the club disbanding.

At Mark's house we chatted about what we were going to do now that we weren't going to mess with calling ourselves STAR OKC any more. Most of us were relieved to dump the formal organization and just meet once a month at someone's house for dinner and a cheesy movie. Mark was pretty bummed though. He shouldn't be. We'll still be around, we just won't call ourselves STAR OKC and we won't have to worry about recruiting members. We'll leave that to the new group -- Fanarchy.

Cal went with us to the get-together but Duncan had a sleepover. Fortunately Mark's granddaughter is just a little younger than Cal and they played reasonably well together although Cal did sometimes push her away and had a little trouble sharing at times. He traveled from room to room and played. He jumped on Mark's trampoline in the backyard and really liked it.

We lasted until about 9 o' clock and packed up for home. Cal needed to wind down for bed and it was past Jazra's bed time as well. Next month we'll meet at Karla's house sans kids so we should be able to stay longer and perhaps watch more than one movie.

Sunday Mike and Cal went to church school and I stayed home so I could get Duncan. I called around 10 am and found out he hadn't been to bed until 5 am. Ryan's dad told me his mother-in-law would bring Duncan home so I did a few chores and goofed on the computer until he arrived around 10:40, still in his pajamas.

I had him get dressed and we headed off to Sam's so I could purchase some stuff to put in my brand new freezer. I even splurged and bought pizza bites which is a big deal because I hate having those kind of snacks in the house.

Duncan and I finished at Sam's and met Mike and Cal at McDonald's for lunch. Calvin was psycho toddler and kept having little breakdowns at the slightest thing, so we went home and Mike made him lay down to rest. He never did fall asleep with Mike but I gave Mike a break and settled down with Cal and both of us fell asleep.

I also washed clothes on Sunday but not much else got done. We were big slugs as usual.

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