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Tamara's Flooby Web Log

Friday, March 04, 2005

Two 3x Thursdays on a Friday

Last Week's Questions

1. How well do you eat? What's your definition of 'eating healthy'?

I eat okay. I could definitely eat healthier--more fruits and veggies. I like fruits and vegetables but I'm sure I don't eat enough of them.

2. Do you get any exercise on a regular basis? What's your definition of "a regular basis," and what do you do?

Ha! I used to. Walking and some weight stuff I used to do 3 to 5 times a week. Since the new job I haven't been able to get myself into a good exercise bike riding routine because I'm so damn tired in the evening. Sad.

3. Do you take vitamins or supplements? Why/Why not? If you do, what do you take?

I take a multi-vitamin and calcium. Multi-vitamin to attempt to give me some of the vitamins I'm missing and calcium to combat osteoporosis.

Bonus Question for Comments: Can you tell you and your body are getting older? If so, how? Most definitely. I'm getting more gray hairs and things keep sagging.

This Week's Questions

1. Do you have many friends? Why/Why not?

Nope. Probably because of my own limitations as a fucked up human being.

2. Could you use more friends? What makes a friend a friend?

Hell yeah. Who couldn't? Someone who likes you for who you are -- good and bad -- and who is just as comfortable sitting in complete silence with you as they are chattering up a storm. And that's gotta work both ways.

3. What happens when you get into a fight/argument with your friends? Does it usually work out? What happens if it doesn't?

We get pissed and ignore each other for a while. Yeah, it usually works out. If it doesn't work out I guess I don't see that friend much any more.

Bonus Question for Comments: Is it better to have lots and lots of friends, or just a few select people you know you can count on? Why/Why not? I'd say it's better to have a few select people as friends. There's a false sense of security in having a ton of friends. Anyway, my opinion on it is probably fucked because of my personality.

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