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Wednesday, March 30, 2005

Okay...I’m Still Alive

The outcome of our pipes situation was approximately $100 spent at Home Depot to try and fix the problem ourselves and then a $97 visit from a plumber on Monday. Thankfully that visit did the trick. The plumber's snake was able to get past the blockage in our pipes so the main sewage line in the backyard hadn't collapsed as we'd feared. Unfortunately it's probably on its last legs but if we can bite that $2,000 bullet later (the price quoted by the plumber to lay approximately 75 feet of new pipe), I'll take it.

So plumbing problems fixed. Things looked good for the Hodge Lodge getting to put that nice tax refund to good use...until today. Today I went outside to head to work and noticed lots of weird glass on my car. Weird glass that was from the front passenger side window. Yep, my window had been broken. Strangely enough nothing was missing. The car seat, the CD carrier full of CDs, the key to the classroom that fell out of my bag, the car stereo...all still in the car. Nothing had been disturbed beyond having little shards of safety glass sprinkled everywhere.

I called Mike and he was mystified. He left for work before me but hadn't noticed anything amiss. Now he was a little pissed off when he left due to an argument with Duncan so it's conceivable he could have walked right over the safety glass next to my car when he got into his truck and not noticed a thing. If you know Mike at all, you know this is highly possible. He thinks he would have noticed but does admit that it's not beyond the realm of possibility that he zoned and just got in his car, ignoring the sad state of my window and car. Yep, it's a mystery.

Mike called and reported the damage with the police--for their crime stats on the neighborhood not that we figured they could solve it. Our mechanic placed an order for a new window and I'll take it in next Thursday to be replaced. Not too shabby. It is kind of sad that the forecast for tomorrow calls for a 30% chance of rain. Right now my window is sporting a lovely shower curtain window just in case the rain hits tonight. I will not, however, be driving with that shower curtain affixed. I'd rather be cold and have no window.

Now to backtrack a bit.... Our Sunday was very relaxing. We went to mom's for dinner and were joined by Mike's mom, grandma, two brothers (Phil & David) and my brother and dad. Cal and Duncan were also there of course. We ate lunch and while I helped clean up, Mike, Cal and Gayle (Mike's mom) drove back to our house to get the videocamera (long story short--Mike left it dumping video from a tape because we had no free tapes upon which to record Easter egg hunting fun).

By the time they returned, Cal has fallen asleep so we waited for him to get his nap out before taking the kids out to hunt for eggs. This was good because it allowed me to doze for a bit. I'd been fighting a sinusy cold since Saturday and my decongestant had worked enough to make me a little drowsy. The nap was niiiice.

Finally Cal woke up and he and Duncan trooped out to mom's back yard and picked up a ton of eggs. Mom has put spare change along with candy in the plastic eggs for the past couple of years so Duncan *really* looks foward to Easter now. He made out like a bandit but was nice enough to quit early so Cal could find the last of the eggs.

The rest of my week has been filled with home and work (and broken car window). Tuesday night I had to stay late for student teacher conferences even though Tracey didn't have any conferences scheduled. She only has eight kids in her class and since each one is on an IEP, she has conferences with the parents at different times throughout the year. We still had to stay because Friday we're getting the entire day off and as district employees we have to meet our contracted hours for the week. This means we'll stay late on Thursday, which is the second conference night set up for parent teacher conferences. I've got two hours of comp time I'm probably going to use that night though and take off a bit early. That's also the evening we've got our conference with Duncan's teacher.

So tomorrow is the last day of school for the week. We've got a grocery store trip scheduled. Those are always fun. We eat lunch using items the kids purchased at the store (they each get a list so don't worry that I'm stuck eating cheez-its and ding dongs). The kids really like shopping and they love the eating afterward.

I think I've updated enough for one night. My decongestant is working and I'm starting to feel nice and drowsy.

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