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Tamara's Flooby Web Log

Sunday, February 20, 2005

Feliz Cumpleaños a Mí

Let's see...yesterday was fairly productive for the Hodge Lodge. Mike was still feeling puny after his night of puking but we got our act together around lunch time and headed out to run some errands. We managed to visit Target where I found a few cool sheep items--gotta love Easter for that. Then I went to the comic store and picked up my pile of comics.

I really need to try getting to the shop on Thursday after school because the guys have consistently been missing titles. They've always missed stuff but I usually came in early enough to just snag those issues off the shelves. By Saturday some of those issues are sold out so I have to put them on re-order. Oh well. They'll get 'em in. They always do.

After errands, we came home and Mike and Cal took a little nap. Duncan goofed around on the computer looking for Halo information and I tidied the computer room. I also washed clothes.

Mike woke from his nap and went with Duncan to pick up Duncan's pal Ryan so the two could OD on Halo. Mike then headed to his mom's so he could go to Sears with her to pick up a new television set. Cal took a loooong nap.

Ryan stayed the evening so we had pizza for dinner. Ryan is one picky eater. I know he likes McDonald's chicken nuggets, grilled cheese sandwiches, spaghetti and pizza. I'm sure there are other foods he likes but I have yet to figure out what they are. Oh, he also likes macaroni and cheese but it has to be Kraft. No other kind will do.

Mike took Ryan home close to 10 and he and Duncan went to bed around 10:30. Calvin, he of the incredibly long nap, wasn't anywhere near tired so he and I stayed up about an hour longer. I had to lay in bed with the little shit but he finally succumbed after about thirty minutes.

Today it's my birthday. I'm entering my last year in my thirties. Yep, next year is the big 40. We were going to meet my brother and mom for lunch today (Justin's birthday was February 2) but mom has been sick all weekend. Strangely enough she started throwing up about an hour after we left her house on Friday. The same Friday Mike had his puke fest. So far no one else in the family has succumbed. *knock wood*

So no lunch plans now. Mike and Duncan are at church school. Cal didn't go because he and I were both asleep. We were asleep that is until Mike's mom called at 8:50 to wish me a Happy Birthday. Grrrrr.

I want to see Constantine today. It's rated R and a scary movie so Duncan will not be seeing it with us. I floated the idea of seeing if Ryan could go with us and he and Duncan could see a more kid friendly movie while we watched Constantine. I think Mike asked his mom to watch Cal. Hopefully he did. If not, we may be hanging out at the Hodge Lodge. Nahhh, it's supposed to be nice today. Maybe we'll take the kids to a park and I can sit on a bench and read while they play.

Okay. Off to shower and get this 39th birthday started.

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