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Tamara's Flooby Web Log

Sunday, January 09, 2005

The Weekend

Let's see...I had a weekend full of good stuff and some not so good stuff. On the good side, I exchanged a sweater I received for Christmas that really wasn't me and got two shirts and a sweater for it *and* $3.50 credit. Keen. I also found the coolest Superman jacket for Cal to wear next Spring. It's got a Wayne Boring Superman on the front and a Curt Swan Superman on the back. Double keen.

After our mall fun, Mom, Cal and I met Mike and Duncan for lunch and then we headed to Yukon to check out Duncan's proofs. Mike and Duncan went home to pack up the X-box so Duncan could take it with him when he went to mom's for the afternoon. We ordered Duncan's nine year old pictures and met Mike and Duncan at her house.

Then Mike and I went to the STAR OKC meeting. Here's where the not so good came in. I didn't mind the outcome of the meeting a bit--dumping officers and rules and moving the monthly meeting time to the evening rather than having a huge chunk of STAR blow a Saturday. What I did mind (and that's putting it mildly) is finding out certain mystery people who are involved in OKC fandom have been bad mouthing STAR. They're forming an alternate club that they're planning on having meet on the very same day the STAR OKC meetings occur. And in private invitations to certain members of OKC fandom they've billed themselves as wanting to be a group like STAR OKC was in the good ol' days of the '90s. The term used in our meeting was the "anti-STAR."

I'm not sure how a club with four consistently active members became the focus for such negativity. Okay, I take that back. I'm pretty sure I know how but have only my suspicions to back it up. It's sad when people have so little in their lives they have to indulge in petty back-stabbing tactics.

I have no patience for politics. None. When nastiness rears its ugly head, I retreat. Sadly after Saturday's meeting that's where I'm at. I'll still happily update the STAR OKC web site and if someone else steps up and wants to take it over, I'll give 'em all of my files. Actually now there aren't many files because I pared the site down to two pages: the front page and the page with a year's worth of Galactic Gazette issues. The front page I made into a blog so any club members who so desired could post. This will allow the club non-officers (we don't really have 'em anymore) to post any news to the web site any time they want without having to bug me to do it. Not that it'll matter really. The STAR OKC web site averages two visits a day.

So I brooded all Saturday evening and didn't attend the after party at Mark's house. I know me and I couldn't sit there and not be pissed. It's impossible for me to hide my feelings when I'm really mad. Mike and Duncan went to Mark's after dinner and Cal and I had an exciting evening at home. I'm planning on doing the home thing during STAR OKC meeting days for the foreseeable future because I can't see myself participating in a fandom that would reward mean-spirited people.

Sunday Mike and Duncan went to church school after a two week break for the holiday season. Cal and I stayed home although I really wished they'd taken Cal with them.

We met Mike's mom for lunch and then came home and did a few chores and relaxed. Beyond washing a bunch of clothes and getting the new STAR OKC web site up and running I didn't accomplish much this weekend. I guess next weekend I'll get around to taking the freakin' Christmas tree down.

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