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Tamara's Flooby Web Log

Tuesday, January 04, 2005


It's Tuesday and the week is moving along nicely. Last night we ate at the Chinese restaurant next to Tae Kwon Do. Yes, I was lazy and hadn't planned anything for dinner. Cal and I left before Mike and Duncan were finished eating so I was able to give Cal a bath and get a few chores done before they made it home. Then they left around 7 to attend a Boy Scout meeting. The rest of our evening was spent doing the usual and I made it to bed a little after 11.

I'm writing this blog entry at another Faculty meeting. Since I'm an assistant 95% of the information at these meetings doesn't apply to me. Actually a lot of it doesn't even apply to special ed. As a result I end up writing to keep from getting bored. It also makes me look busy. Cool.

I wish this was over because I have a lot of things I could be doing in the classroom. Ooh! Me bags today. Keen. A lot of the teachers are wearing OU apparel today in honor of the Orange Bowl game that will be played tonight. As with all things football, I'll be ignoring it.

8:32 and it looks like this meeting won't be that short. Wait! Me bags next time. Yay! Maybe it will be a short meeting. Grrrr. 8:37 and still not over. Great. Writer's club information.

After that entry I had to stop writing because we then stood up and formed two circles. The inner circle faced the people in the outer circle. We partnered up and were told to share our New Year's resolution with the person across from us. Oh great. Sharing time. Fortunately Tracey snagged me first. I told her I didn't make resolutions. That was easy.

Next I was partnered with Duncan's teacher. We were told to share how we were proceeding on our professional goal we'd written down at the first of the year. Easy for me. Don't have one! So I asked Mrs. Garner about hers--it had to do with getting the kids ready for testing. Quizzed her about how they decide upon the tests and asked if they still gave the California Achievement Tests we took when I was a kid. Answer: no.

The final turn of the circle left me with Mrs. Parker (2nd grade teacher). We had to share our favorite holiday memory from the one just past. I was honest and said my favorite was when I realized it was over. Hers was going to Iowa to visit with her family. I sensed that she was going to quit talking if I left the conversation up to her so I went into chatty Cathy mode and quizzed her about Iowa. Yes, I can do it if

Survived that ordeal. I'm really looking forward to circle time happening at a future Faculty meeting. Honest.

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