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Tamara's Flooby Web Log

Sunday, January 30, 2005

My Week

Sorry for the lack of entries all week. I can only plead extreme tiredness and a nasty cold that knocked me on my ass Thursday and Friday. And now for a brief rundown of my week.

The grocery store trip went well. This time the kid we assigned to purchase paper towels actually made it to school with paper towels and not toilet paper. Sadly the attempt to get a bottle of standard 409 cleaner once again resulted in 409 carpet cleaner.

I should mention that Open House was scheduled for this week. On Thursday. Tracey likes to make a nice display for the hall outside her room for Open House. It was Tuesday and it was still a gleam in her eye. Uh oh. At least we'd finished the art project for each of the kids to hang in the room.

Wednesday we dealt with kids and worked on the hallway project. I managed to get the baby pictures pasted on tag board and the gal in the library who does the laminating turned them around really quick. I still needed a pic of me but knew I could get one from mom and copy it at home.

The other hall display was going to consist of big sheets of posterboard with pics of each kid and fun facts about each kid. Sounds simple, right? Not so simple when you can't get answers for things like "what's your favorite color?" out of the nonverbal kids. For that Tracey had to call parents and quiz them. That took time of course.

Things went okay that day except the unstructured day left the kids rowdier than usual. In short, they drove me nuts. Not as nuts as they drove me on Tuesday but I did discover that I much prefer table routine days especially after too many unstructured days in a row.

After school I drove Duncan to Tae Kwon Do and headed back to school. I had made arrangements for mom to feed Mike and the kids and I was going to work with Tracey at the school to get things ready for Open House on Thursday. I foolishly hoped that by going in then we'd be able to wrap things up by around 9 pm. To make a long story short, I got home a little after midnight and the poster board project still wasn't finished.

Thursday (Open House Day) dawned and Tracey and I once again worked to get ready for Open House. I thought I might be able to go home a bit after school was over (Open House didn't start until 6:30) if we managed to finish the posters. Alas, that was not to be and I stayed at the school while Duncan went home with mom.

Mike, Duncan, mom, Cal and my dad showed up around 6:15 and Tracey was heading to the library to laminate the last of the posters. Yeah, down to the wire. Actually she would have had them laminated earlier but the gal in the library who is in charge of the laminating machine turned it off. It takes at least thirty minutes for the damn thing to heat up. I wanted to kill the twit. She did make up for it by laminating the posters for Tracey and not doing a shitty, half-assed job of it.

So there I was standing on a ladder at 6:25 slapping the last of the posters on the wall outside the classroom. Mike helped me while Tracey set her Mac up with a slideshow of pics of the kids. Talk about last minute.

Parents and kids filed in and everything was under control. I was so relieved I actually chatted with a few of the parents. Amazing, I know. Then I went to my post at the activity table and made nameplate thingies with a few of the kids. Basically I cut out colorful strips of tagboard and the kids could spell out their names with foam letters then decorate around the name with a bunch of stickers. Simple but entertaining.

I made a brief appearance at Duncan's classroom then hit the Book Fair in the Library. Picked out some books for Cal and stood in line for far too long. Then when I got back to Tracey's classroom the Open House was winding down. It only lasts for about an hour. Needless to say, I was pooped.

Made it home that evening after 8:30. Oh, I should also mention that around 3 pm I started sneezing uncontrollably. Yippee. Mom gave me some meds when she picked up Duncan which kept the symptoms at bay for most of Open House. By the time I got home, however I was in need of more meds and sleep.

Friday came and I woke up feeling really crappy. My sneezing fit had turned into a full-fledged cold. After taking a shower and more drugs I felt better. I was hopeful that today we'd get the kids back to their routine. Alas, it was not to be.

The head custodian's husband died earlier in the week and Friday was the funeral. A lot of the school personnel was planning on attending the funeral (including Tracey). As a result, our schedule was all screwed up because the music teacher wanted the kids to go to music at 12:45 instead of 2:00. Tracey told me to take a long lunch (and I did--went to Borders) and I met her and the kids in music at 1:15.

I was surprised to see two other classes in addition to our kids in the music class. She had them watching a weird video with singing clowns. I was left with the kids and instructions to send the two extra classes on their way at 1:30. Tracey and the music teacher would be leaving for the funeral. Then at 1:30 I was going to pick up another class (of fifth graders) and head back to our room. The fifth graders were supposed to do quiet reading (yeah, right) and I figured I'd let our kids have some free time. After all, they just sat through a video. It wasn't exactly fair to make them be still and sit through another.

We made it to the room in one piece and the fifth graders sat semi-quietly and read. I let them play with the kids for the last ten minutes of their time in the room, which wasn't such a great idea. Too many kids in too small of a space. Fortunately nothing got broken and they got the hell out of there on time.

I then had my kids clean up the play area and settle down for rest time and a DVD. Oh I should mention that everyone did quite well with the exception of one kid who got to stand the entire time in Tracey's office. This kid did not make good choices. In fact, the choices were so not good the kid will be losing all of the fun stuff on Monday as well.

I managed to get the grocery store trip receipts sorted out and discovered that we lost one. I still had mine from the trip and with the addition of it we were only about $5 short.

I ended up getting a surprise when another fifth grade class showed up around 2:45. Tracey had forgotten to mention this one to me. Fortunately I hadn't started passing out the Friday snack of popcorn so I had the fifth graders sit on the floor and watch the last of the video with us. They were really well-behaved and left around 3:00 when Mr. Carpenter and Tracey arrived at the school. Yes, the funeral was finally over.

We (minus the kid in Tracey's office) ate our snack of popcorn and juice, watched the extras on the 102 Dalmatians DVD and got the kids ready for their respective buses.

My cold wasn't any better but I felt okay by the time school was over so I decided I'd sit through the ordeal that is Tae Kwon Do testing--Duncan was going for his blue belt with a red stripe. I did just fine up until the last hour when my meds wore off. I hadn't thought ahead and brought more so by the time I got home around 9 I took my drugs and collapsed into bed.

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