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Tamara's Flooby Web Log

Thursday, December 02, 2004

Well I've been sucking at writing in the ol' blog lately. I didn't even blog about Thanksgiving.

How was Thanksgiving at the Hodge Lodge? Pretty good. We went to mom's just like we do every year. My grandmother didn't show up as usual. Mike's brother David showed up after everyone had finished eating, but that was normal for him.

My dad was on good behavior this year and actually sat at the table when everyono else did. Most years mom has to tell him several times before he'll actually make it to the table. So Thanksgiving went off without a hitch, which was nice. I'm keeping my fingers crossed that Christmas day also goes as smoothly.

The day after Thanksgiving was Duncan's birthday. My cousin Kelsey stayed for it. Mom took Duncan and Kelsey to see the Polar Express in the afternoon while Mike, Cal and I went looking for an X-Box for Duncan for Christmas. He should be surprised because I've been telling him he won't be getting one for Christmas. Instead he's been saving his money. He almost has enough for a used one so he's been doing very well. I really didn't know what to get him this year and time is getting short, hence the X-Box. Because of the cost of that item, I'm essentially done shopping for Duncan. Now I just have to finish the rest of the people on my list.

Saturday morning mom, Cal and Duncan drove Kelsey to meet up with Aunt Gail in Chickasha (it's about halfway between OKC and Lawton. Mike and I took the opportunity to pick up a few more Christmas gifts at Best Buy. Mike also bought a program to help him edit video and burn it on to DVD. He was finally able to get the tiny bit of Reno video and all of the pictures on DVD. Now I just need to send copies to the interested parties.

Sunday was church school day then around 3:30 Gayle came over to watch the kids and Mike and I went to a movie. We saw Sideways. It was pretty good and worth seeing if you like movies that focus on a character's journey of self-discovery.

And finally I've been working at Coronado as Tracey's assistant since the 19th of November. Her new assistant quit a couple of weeks ago and rather than see Tracey be stressed because she has to break in a new assistant in the midst of an already hectic school year, I voluteered to do the job for the rest of the year. This will allow Tracey to relax and get down to teaching and I can use the extra bucks to pay off some of our debt. Kinda keen to be able to help a friend and get paid for it.

Once the holidays are over, I'll hopefully be able to get in a good work/housework groove and my blogging won't be neglected quite as much.

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