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Tamara's Flooby Web Log

Friday, November 05, 2004

Two Friday Forums

1) What is your ultimate favorite kind of cookie? Do you usually bake them yourself or buy them somewhere? Why are they your favorite?

Snickerdoodles! I usually bake them myself but City Bites makes a really good snickerdoodle that we buy whenever we eat lunch there.

2) Tell us which type of cookies you prefer. Chewy? Crispy? No-bake? Cookie bars? Or something else?

Chewy by far.

3) Do you bake cookies often, or do you prefer to buy them? Do you have any special secrets for making awesome cookies? Have you ever entered a cookie contest?

Not really. If I bake them, I eat them. If the cookies are getting low for the kids I'll sometimes buy a package but usually we don't have many cookies around the house. No secrets for making awesome cookies beyond following the recipe. And no, I've never entered a cookie contest.

4) What do you like to eat or drink along with your cookies? (For example, milk, tea, coffee, ice cream, etc.)

Usually nothing but if I had to choose I guess my preferred beverage with cookies would be milk.

5) Will you be baking any cookies for the upcoming holiday season? Why/why not? Are there any traditional cookie recipes in your family?

Most definitely. I usually bake a ton for Mike to give to co-workers. The one cookie we make every Christmas are these pecan and cinnamon and sugar filled cookies. We call them cream cheese cookies (the dough uses cream uses as its base) but I'm sure they have another name. Mom got the recipe from a co-worker ages ago. They were a tradition of her family who came to the US from Poland. The cookies are really good and easy to make but they're a bit labor intensive. Plus it makes them even more special when we only make them once a year.

Friday Forum from Last Week

1) Do you believe in ghosts and/or supernatural beings? Why/why not? Have you ever seen a ghost or stayed in a haunted place?

I like to believe in the *idea* of supernatural beings but I'm not sure I truly believe in the reality of them. It's fun to spook yourself and stretch your imagination but my rational side doesn't expect to meet a vampire or werewolf one day. I have never stayed in any place that's purported to be haunted.

2) Do you prefer horror movies that are psychological thrillers or "slasher" films? Why/why not? What's the scariest movie that you've ever seen?

Psychological thrillers usually scare me more but slasher films can scare me too. 28 Days Later was damn scary. Psycho scared me as a kid.

3) Have you ever used a Ouija board? What is your opinion of them? Do you believe what they say or just consider it a fun party game?

Nope, never used one. Don't believe in 'em.

4) Have you ever read a scary book that totally freaked you out? What book was it, and why? (Were you reading it by yourself, in the dark?) :)

I'm sure I have but I can't think of which book that would be. Must have made quite an impact, huh?

5) Would you ever attend a seance and try to contact someone "from beyond"? Who would you want to talk to? Do you ever feel that someone "from beyond" is trying to reach you, or do you believe in things like that?

Sure I'd attend a seance. I'd be damn skeptical about the possibility of anyone contacting me, however. Not sure who I'd want to talk to and no, I don't ever feel that someone from beyond is trying to reach me.

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