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Tamara's Flooby Web Log

Wednesday, November 03, 2004

Reno: Day Four

Tuesday dawned and we headed out once again for a hearty breakfast at the buffet. The weather forecast called for snow in the mountains so the weather in Reno had turned a tad nippier. It also wasn't nice and sunny like it was on Monday, the day we were trapped in the tattoo parlor all day. Bummer. We decided to proceed with the planned trip to Carson City anyway.

E drove to keep her car sickness to a minimum and I think it was a slightly harrowing experience for her because as we started climbing, the flakes started falling. They started out pretty small but the high we got the heavier they fell and the fatter they were. Fortunately E kept her cool and got us there in one piece. We parked near the Carson City tourist information building and went inside to get some pamphlets for the city.

Carson City was a nice looking little town. It's the state capitol and has a nice route you can travel to see a bunch of old houses and presumably enter a few of them. We didn't really want to drive the route and seeing that it was rainy and cold, walking wasn't high on our list of things to do either. So we compromised and walked to the Nevada State Museum.

At the museum we saw some nifty Nevada rocks, wildlife, displays on Nevada's prehistory, archaeological exhibits, a replica of an old ghost town, the Carson City mint press and a selection of coins pressed during its years of operation, and a very creepy replica of a mine. It wasn't as nice as some state museums I've been in but it was decent. The museum is undergoing a lot of renovation so that should mean some of their exhibits will be expanded.

After a short visit to the Museum store, we headed across the street to the Nugget Casino. Once there E, Prof, Blu and Mike sat down at a $3 blackjack table and proceeded to lose a lot of money. They also had a fun time watching the dealer flirt with the pit boss.

Prof soon opted out and it was just Blu, E and Mike playing. I didn't even attempt to play and just watched Mike lose money. After a while they decided to try their hands at the $1 craps table. Craps was new to all of them so the person who was running the craps table took the time to explain everything. Let me tell you, there are a lot of bets you can place on a craps table. Mike ended up being the best thrower of the bunch but they all lost money still. So it was back to the blackjack table and more losing of money, although at a slower pace.

Eventually the three got tired of losing and the helpful pit boss drew E a map of how to get to Virginia City. Alas, she didn't include her phone number or email on the map but I think she wanted to. We found Prof and headed to the car and a higher altitude.

The road was very clear although a bit windy. We stopped at a candy shop off the highway to pee and ended up purchasing candy and snacks we didn't need. I tried to get E to eat some jalapeno peanut brittle but she figured out my evil plan when I pulled out the camera immediately after she put the piece of candy in her mouth.

We made it to Virginia City in one piece and spent a good hour wandering up and down the streets looking at the cheesy shops and restaurants. Quite a few storefronts were closed for good and others had already closed for the day. Virginia City was not a hopping place.

We did manage to visit the Julia C. Bullette Red Light Museum. If anyone ever tells you this is a must see and a highlight of Virginia City, don't listen to them. Granted, the museum has the potential to be much better. But it's crammed in the basement of a Chinese restaurant and there really was no rhyme nor reason to the displays. More placards describing what the hell we were looking at would have been nice. Better lighting is a must and for god's sake get someone into the two dioramas and fix the freakin' manequins. And someone please remove the picture of Marilyn Monroe from the diorama of the frontier prostitute and her customer.

After the museum we hit a few shops. Only bought some items at the rock shop. I almost got a picture of E in a cowboy hat but then we saw the 'no pictures' sign in the shop. I guess they got tired of people taking pictures of their friends in cowboy hats. Buzzkills.

We headed back to Reno and after a stop at our hotel rooms we ate dinner at California Pizza. If you're ever in Reno, eat there. The pizza is great.

Tonight was designated get a little tipsy night so after pizza we purchased some alcohol and orange juice (for me). I can't drink alcohol straight. I'm a wuss. I must hide the taste with a fruity beverage of some sort.

An hour and several hands of penny blackjack played on the bed later, everyone decided they were ready to find another $3 blackjack table. I was mighty drunk by this time but followed like a trooper even though I had no intention of playing.

I putzed out soon after they settled on the Cal Neva. The dealer they got was quite feisty and, as I found out the next day, had a heckuva potty mind on her. I was at the end of the table with Mike and what with all the slot machine noise I couldn't make out any of the banter. Bummer.

Anyway, I finished the last of my vodka and orange juice and headed back to the hotel. Once there I dosed myself with vitamins, drank a bottle of water and prayed for a hangover free morning.

Day Five tomorrow hopefully.

posted by Tamara - 9:14 PM -- Link to this entry
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