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Tamara's Flooby Web Log

Tuesday, November 09, 2004


Wow. I've been a big slacker when it comes to the ol' blog. Not only have I still not finished the Reno travelogue, I haven't blogged about my boring life since last Monday. Bad me. I deserve a spanking. Hmmm...maybe I'll slack more often....

Anyway things here have been kind of busy, believe it or not. This weekend my Aunt Gail and cousin Kelsey came down from Lawton for a soccer tournament. Plus Saturday was the STAR OKC meeting. This meant we missed the first game Kelsey played on Saturday but we made it there for the second. Her team tied the first game and won the second.

Kelsey had more soccer games on Sunday (including one at 9am) so she and Aunt Gail spent the night at mom's. Duncan slept over there too that night. He went with them in the morning to the soccer game so Mike went to church school by himself. Cal and I stayed home.

Once Mike got home from church school, we headed to Edmond and Kelsey's 1:30 soccer game. Her team won the 9 am game and were now in a semi-final match. The winner of this game would meet the winner of the other semi-final and play for first.

Sadly, Kelsey's team lost. The team they played was from Oklahoma City and we'd actually watched them play before. They lost the first time they played them too. Kelsey's team was bummed of course but it meant they didn't have to hang around Edmond and could finally go home and rest.

Mike and Duncan left before that game was over because we were kind of hoping she'd have another game they could watch. Duncan was bored and ready to run around and beg Mike to buy him things. Mike has a higher tolerance for that than I do. It probably helps that he never gets to go shopping any more so it ends up being kind of fun for him even with Duncan's mild nagging.

Mom took me home and Cal went to her house to play so that left me with a few hours to myself. Bonus! I used the time to play around on the computer of course.

On Monday, I decided I didn't want to hang around the house so I called mom to see if she wanted to run a few errands. Duncan's pine car derby for cub scouts is this Saturday so I needed to pick up a pine car derby kit so that gave me another excuse. We headed to Sam's first so I could pick up some pecans (and a few other items). Then we went to Hobby Lobby and wandered around until Mike showed up. He always helps Duncan make the pine car so he wanted to pick out everything they needed.

After that we did lunch and came home. Mom took Cal with her once again since I would be showing up in a few hours to take Duncan to Tae Kwon Do. I did a few chores minus Cal. Even got to listen to the music loud. Hooray!

After TKD we came home and ate dinner. Duncan and Mike hustled off to a cub scouts meeting and Cal and I spent a pleasant evening at home. And that's pretty much been my last couple of days. Exciting, huh?

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