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Tamara's Flooby Web Log

Friday, November 12, 2004

The Friday Forum

1) What's the farthest distance you've ever traveled to attend a wedding? Whose wedding was it, and where? Did you have a good time? What was the wedding like?

I went to Reynosa, Mexico for my cousin's wedding when Duncan was two or three years old. I did have a good time. We stayed in McAllen, Texas and drove across the border for the wedding. The thing I remember most about it was how freakin' long the reception was. By the time they finally fed us I was ready to eat the table settings.

2) Have you ever been a wedding attendant (bridesmaid, groomsman, usher, etc.)? For whom? When and where?

I was a matron of honor at my friend Denise's first wedding.

3) What characteristics do you feel are essential for a strong, long-lasting marriage? (If you're already married, did someone give you some good advice before you tied the knot? What was it?)

Honesty, respect, love and a few common interests. I know a lot of people say you don't have to have common interests but I think it helps keep you interested in each other. I can't recall anyone giving me pre-wedding advice. If they did, I've forgotten it.

4) What makes for a really awesome wedding reception? What are some of your favorite wedding reception activities, traditions, etc.?

One of the best wedding receptions I attended had really good food. I don't have any favorite wedding reception activities or traditions. I'm anti-social. I like sitting in the corner and people watching (or reading my book).

5) Many celebrity marriages have failed after just a short time. Why do you think that happens? Who do you think is the most famous, interesting, or notable celebrity couple now or in the past? (Jennifer and Brad? Ben and J.Lo? Bruce and Demi?)

I think it's easy for celebrity marriages to fail because, unlike regular folks, when they get pissed off they can hop a jet and stay away. In real life, we storm off to the other room or go for a drive. Then we go about the business of resolving the conflict or making up or whatever. Celebrities can get a divorce in the heat of anger never having to confront the issues creating the strife and fix them.

The most interesting or notable celebrity couple? I have no freaking clue. I don't pay much attention to celebrity marriages.

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