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Tamara's Flooby Web Log

Thursday, October 07, 2004

Update on the Hodge Lodge

Duncan and the catfish he caught.I didn't blog all weekend once again. And once again we were kinda busy. On Saturday Mike and I had to get our driver's licenses renewed. There was no line so that went quickly. Then we had to take Mike's truck to the repair place--his clutch isn't working properly. After dropping the truck off, we took the kids to mom's and ate lunch with her. The STAR OKC meeting at Borders books was at 2 so we headed over a little early and browsed. After the STAR meeting, we all went to see Sky Captain and the World of Tomorrow.

Sky Captain was okay. It had an old movie serial feel to it but with spiffy special effects. Not a movie I'd watch again but it wasn't a waste of time. Go see it if you're a big Angelina Jolie fan if only to see her strut around in a really cool military outfit and bark orders at people.

After the movie we went for cheap pizza and then home. I left the pizza joint a little early to help Tracey move her car to the house (and kids) she's babysitting all week.

Sunday Mike took Duncan and Cal with him to church school. The darling man let me sleep in and I was a big ol' slug and slept until 10:30am.

I had intended for us to spend the afternoon at home but Tracey is babysitting a student and his siblings all week (mom is on her honeymoon) and she wanted to do something. I suggested we meet at Dolese Park after they got out of church and the kids could play and feed the ducks.

My plan for Sunday was Mike and Duncan and Cal picking up the pool toys in the backyard and getting it ready for winter. I would iron inside. Tracey didn't get the kids out of church when I thought she would so we ended up spending all of our afternoon at the park.

The kids had a good time. Cal played and Duncan caught a fish. He did it with the help of a gentleman named Harley. Harley is retired and a Shrine Clown in his spare time. He also likes to fish so he gave Duncan some pointers and loaned him a little bait. The sardines we picked up at Dollar General just weren't cutting it. Yes, I was too lazy to go to Academy Sports and buy real bait.

After the park we returned home, I cooked dinner and we relaxed for the rest of the evening.

Cal gets artistic with markers.Monday was annoyance day for me. It began with Duncan answering the phone early in the morning and I had to talk to someone I really didn't want to talk to. After that every little thing that could go wrong did. I was kind of nervous about driving to Tae Kwon Do on Monday being convinced that I would be pulled over and receive a ticket for some minor infraction. That was how my day was going anyway.

I'm sorry, E. I can't remember everything that went wrong that day. You'll just have to remind me in comments if you even remember. I do know Cal chose Monday to get into Duncan's markers and decorate himself and Duncan's bedspread quite beautifully. By the time that happened I was resigned to my fate and just shook my head, got the camera and took a picture. Sometimes that's the best reaction.

Tuesday I was productive and tidied. Washed a lot of clothes, vacuumed--general domestic goddess duties.

Wednesday I tackled that backyard. Cal and I went out in the morning and I got a little done before lunch. The weather was lovely and cool and we got sprinkled on a few times but not enough to drive us back inside. I quit a little before lunch because Cal was getting whiny. Mike, Cal and I went to lunch at Jason's Deli and I asked mom to hang around the house and drive us to Tae Kwon Do after school was out (the truck was still in the shop--more on that later).

After lunch I finished tidying the backyard with a little help from mom. The yard was now ready for Tracey's pitt bull/lab mix to come stay for a few days. Tracey is babysitting a student and his siblings all week and while she's staying at their house she brought Hoss with her. However, one of the kids really doesn't like Hoss and because she has to deal with three kids in the evening she doesn't have the time to give Hoss the attention he's accustomed to. So he's over at our house playing with his pal Max and having a grand old time.

I also did a few inside domestic goddess chores on Wednesday before we had to head to TKD. I cooked dinner at mom's that evening and then it was back home for our usual evening routine.

Today it's cool and rainy in OKC. I'm still trapped at home with no car because the clutch problem with the truck has required some major labor on the truck to get to the possibly broken part. This means we're going to have to spend a buttload of money on Mike's truck. It's ironic that I was worried about the Neon costing a lot the last time I took it in and it's the truck that turns up with major, expensive to fix problems.

So a domestic goddess day for me--it is my job after all. Maybe at lunch time I'll have Mike take me to pick up my comics for the week.

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