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Tamara's Flooby Web Log

Saturday, October 30, 2004

Reno: Day Three

Pirate Tattoo day. After a hearty buffet breakfast, we decided to hop in the van and drive the roundabout way to Pirate Tattoo. Sadly Mike drove and E ended up being quite nauseous by the time we arrived at Pirate Tattoo at noon. Unfortunately the guy who was supposed to open the shop wasn't there. The shop finally opened around 12:20 and the guy who opened it informed us that he told Mike 12:30, rather than 12:00. He even wrote it down for him. Yep, Mike forgot that little fact.

Finally around 1 pm Joe, our tattoo guy, started E's tattoo. He didn't seem too impressed with her choice of Gumby. We decided he was just a cranky bastard who had to give attitude about everything. That was what E wanted so she didn't let him dissuade her and he drew up the template. He really should learn not to mess with women of advanced years.

E was soon sitting in his comfy chair, stripped down to her sports bra and awaiting the first painful prick of the tattoo gun. She was very happy about it though and we were all pumped to see her Gumby tattoo come to life. Poor Joe wasn't truly awake yet. He'd only had one Red Bull and was working on his second. After many phone interruptions, Joe finished E's tattoo about 2. He saran wrapped her up and toddled off to clean his utensils, eat his breakfast burrito, drink another red bull and smoke a cigarette or five.

Joe's break was a good one because he didn't start my tattoo until close to 3. He wasn't quite as derisive about my tattoo. Maybe because he had woken up. It didn't really hurt. The outline was the most uncomfortable and then mostly when it neared my hip bone. Joe was a little chattier with me--the awake thing--and finished my tattoo in 45 minutes.

After another break to clean the instruments and smoke some cigs, it was Blu's turn. She was not a tattoo virgin like E and me. She had also come up with her own design from a book of symbols. She wanted Joe to do more to her tattoo but he argued with her so much about how it wouldn't look good she told him to go with the main part of the design. She figured she'd just have the other element added at a later date by someone else. Good plan. Joe was a cocky, opionated bastard.

Blu was done in approximately thirty minutes and it was the other contrary customer's turn, Prof. She also came up with a design that gave Joe fits. She was stubborn as well and told him that's what she wanted. Joe relented and did the design. I think he dug the needle in extra deep a few times though. Prof's tattoo was almost completed in about thirty minutes and our tattoo ordeal was over a mere six hours from when we started. Yes, we spent all freakin' day there.

We were damn hungry by this time so we headed back to the El Dorado for food. We ended up eating at the Brew Brothers pub because it was easy. After dinner we walked from Casino to Casino in the vain search for a $1 Blackjack table. Circus Circus actually advertised them but only one was open and it was packed. They decided $3 tables might be easier to find so after searching Circus Circus and the El Dorado, we headed to Fitzgerald's Casino.

Fitzgerald's gave us a cheesy prize at the Lucky Forest--a pack of cards or a Fitzgerald's pin. Then they enticed everyone to sign up for their mailing list by offering $5 in tokens. Armed with $5 apiece (Mike had $10) they sat down at a $3 table and proceeded to play Blackjack.

I'm a sucky gambler so I watched. They played several hands and managed to keep playing for several hours. I pooped out after about an hour because the smoke started to get to my nose and eyes. I headed back to the room to do the BU update. Eventually everyone came back and Mike and I headed to bed. Yes, we're boring. E, Blu and Prof were studly and stayed up chatting for several hours more.

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