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Tamara's Flooby Web Log

Monday, October 11, 2004

An Ongoing Sheep Saga

If you're confused or want a refresher, go here: www.flooby.com/2004/09/ongoing-sheep-saga-ive-been-continuing.htm
Snippet 3: Naughty Neptune

Peta gave Spawn a lascivious grin. “Maybe you could wear it when we play knight errant and the naughty sheep.”

“You have the best ideas. C’mere.” Spawn grabbed Peta’s shirt front and pulled her in for a kiss.

Bahram peeped one eye open and snorted in disdain. “Figures. They can’t even be civilized and wait until after dinner to slake their lust.” The two didn’t look to be coming up for air any time soon so Bahram judged this would be a good time to make his escape. He eased himself slowly into a standing position, making sure not to appear peccant and keeping an eye all the while on the close to copulating duo. He figured his best bet for escaping unscathed was to be nonchalant and look like he should be there.

Unfortunately for Bahram he was paying too much attention to his lip-locked nemeses and didn’t see the Neptune near his left rear hoof. As he was backing away, intending to hide himself behind the trunk of the large oak tree, Bahram’s hoof made contact with the Neptune. The Neptune sprang to life on its highest setting. This caused Bahram to shriek in terror and if that weren’t enough to pull Spawn and Peta’s attention in his direction, the Neptune’s vibrations against the oak tree put forth such a racket it caused the nearby sheep to go off in a cacophony of baaing.

“What the-?” Spawn exclaimed. She spied the terror-stricken Bahram Yew and her eyes took on a ludic gleam. “I think it’s time we tried out that home hair removal kit.”

Peta spotted Bahram as well. He was frozen in place, seemingly pinned there by the combined stares of Peta and Spawn. “No, darlin’. I think it’s you who have the best ideas.”

To Be Continued in Snippet 4....

posted by Tamara - 6:59 AM -- Link to this entry
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