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Tamara's Flooby Web Log

Friday, October 08, 2004

The Friday Forum

1) Seeing: What's the most beautiful piece of artwork that you've ever seen in person? Where was it, and when? Why does it stand out in your mind?

I'm so lame. I have no freakin' idea. I've been to museums of course. And I like to look at the artwork but you know what I *really* like to look at? The ancient junk. I'm more fascinated by an ancient people's everyday utensils than the latest splash of color by trendy artist of the moment. Now when we went to Boston I did have a heckuva fun time at a museum just outside of Boston looking at the old portraits. Those are fascinating too. But ask me to pick one piece of art that stuck with me, I can't do it. Sorry. I'm a lowbrow.

2) Hearing: How would you describe the sound of your voice? When it's played back for you, do you like the sound of it? Do you feel that your voice is similar to anyone else's?

It's kinda in the lower registers and no, I don't really like the sound of it when it's played back for me. Sometimes I'm mistaken for my mom on the phone. And sometimes Tracey thinks I'm Duncan. Weird, huh?

3) Tasting: Are there any foods or beverages that most people seem to like, but you just don't seem to have a taste for?

Mayonaise, peas (says Mike), olives (says E), cole slaw, potato salad (only like the kind my mom and I make), baked beans, fried eggs and that's all I can think of right now.

4) Touching: Would you consider yourself a "touchy-feely" person, or do you prefer staying within your own personal "zone" most of the time? Do you often give/receive hugs, offer handshakes, or greet others with a kiss on the cheek?

I'm not a touchy-feely person unless it's with my kids and Mike. That's not to say I freeze up if someone not in my family wants to give me a hug. I usually greet others with words rather than physical greetings.

5) Smelling: Do you wear perfume/cologne? What kind? Do you have a particular favorite? What fragrances do you tend to prefer?

Nope. Don't wear perfume or cologne and I don't have a favorite. If I do squirt something on that smells good, it's one of those after bath splash thingies. Most of the time though I just go for that plain ol' soap smell. Boring, I know.

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